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Best Cloud Storage Services to Store your Data

Cloud storage services are very useful to safely store our data online. There are plenty of free cloud storage services like Google Drive, MEGA, Dropbox, etc. available as well as some premium options. They are fast, reliable, and very easy to access on the go. If you are running out of storage on your PC or wanted a better, secure place to store all your important data, it is always better to choose a perfect cloud service and upload your data to it.

If you are already in search of the best cloud storage provider, we have incorporated a useful list for you. You should consider these cloud services according to their position in this list. We tested them one by one and sorted according to the quality of the service. So, here are the top 10 best cloud storage providers.

Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Providers

1. DropBox

Dropbox is the most popular cloud solution which provides a number of services both free and premium. If you are in need of a free cloud storage account, Dropbox can give you upto 16GB of free space (minimum 2GB). When you find your needs exceeding the expectations, you could always upgrade the account by spending  $9.99/month a year to get 1 TB of cloud space. Dropbox servers are extremely fast that you never have to wait a lot to upload even huge files. It utilizes the most modern technological hardware capabilities to provide uncompromised performance on the cloud servers.

The servers are extremely secure, and you will never face a problem keeping your files safe from hackers and spammers. The easy to use interface is also a plus point to the entire cloud service. So, the first option to come in your mind should be the Dropbox. If you are not that much friendly with this service, or if it is not enough for your needs, you may consider going for any of the below-given cloud storages.

2. OneDrive

OneDrive was once the top cloud service provided by the Microsoft. Still, the service manages to hold on the position with 5GB of free disk space and a plenty of integration features with the Microsoft office services. As long as the Microsoft office systems are live in the businesses, there is no doubt that the OneDrive will be driving on the other side. It is a quality service with a reliable connection and fast transfer speed. There were no hassles in our hours of testing procedure with large files.

The most important thing with the OneDrive is its seamless integration with other services, especially the office related tasks. If you want to completely automate your business, you can’t avoid OneDrive from your list. For the businesses, there is a 50GB 1.99/month plan available. The high-class security provided also makes this Microsoft service one of the best services to store your data.

3. Google Drive

It would be a very less amount of people that don’t know Google. Google is a world renown search engine which provides a number of other services like Gmail, Google Maps, and the Google Drive. The Google Drive is actually the entire space you get for all the Google services which is 15GB. As it is for all the services, you may easily run out of storage. In that case, you have a couple of upgrade options which are 100GB for 1.99/month and 1TB for 9.99/month.

You can use the Google Drive online storage to store your photos, videos, music files, important documents, etc. as long as you run out of space. As mentioned above, you can upgrade the storage space whenever you want as per your requirements.

4. iCloud

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple. If you are suing any of the Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc. you may go for this personal cloud storage service from Apple. It allows you to use the service for free upto 5GB and you have to pay for any upgrades. There are two different plans available as 50GB for $0.99/month and 200GB for 2.99/month. Like other Apple services, this doesn’t seems to be that costly in comparison with other cloud storages in this list. So, you could go for it without any second thoughts.

There is no need to explain the security of the Apple products, and in the iCloud too, the security is uncompromised. We tested the speed, and it is very satisfying and enough to compete with the above listed popular cloud services. So, there is no problem in choosing the iCloud for your Apple devices.

5. Amazon Drive

Amazon, the e-commerce giant also has a cloud service. The Amazon Drive provides quality service to the customers with its extremely fast and reliable cloud servers. If your primary concern is speed and the reliability of the upload/download speeds, you may go for the Amazon Cloud storage. You can get a free storage of upto 5GB and later on you can choose any of the 100GB $11.99/yr plan or 1TB $59.99/yr plan. The pricing is comparatively low without compromising the server performance. In addition, the Amazon Prime members will get unlimited photo storage with the cloud.

So, if you are a prime member, or a person looking for a fast and always up cloud solution, the Amazon Cloud service is a perfect option.

6. Box

Box is a very secure cloud storage provider with numerous features that stands out of the crowd. With its quality service, Box earned thousands of cloud users all over the globe. Mostly the businesses seems to be using the Box more than the individuals. It may be due to its reliable service and highly scalable cloud servers. However, the businesses has a special concern to the Box over other services in this list.

Box is available for a not-affordable rate of $10/month for 100GB. When compared to the services like the Amazon Cloud, the Box is a little expensive. Either due to its reliable servers or due to the extreme enterprise level security, the pricing is a little high for the normal users.


MEGA is one of the newest cloud storage services out there. Launched just back in 2013, MEGA already became an influential cloud platform. Many users utilizing its free, elegant, and modern UI to generate download links and share them over the internet. Different from others in this list, with MEGA, you will get a complete 50GB of cloud storage space for free. If you want to expand the storage, there are two different cloud packages as 200GB for $5.60/month and 500GB for $11.20/month. It is more than affordable for such a cheap pricing.

The best thing about MEGA cloud is its easiness in the usage. You can upload files, generate download links, and quickly download it to any computer in extreme speed. We never faced a problem during the process. We hope, you will not too.

8. pCloud

pCloud is a professional cloud service which is also suitable for the personal usage. pCloud is very affordable for the businesses and online services to keep their data safe online. The service is used by world famous companies to store their information securely. Upon signup, you will get a free storage of 20GB which is enough for the normal file storage needs. If you want more, you can always choose any of the 500GB for $3.99/month or 2TB $7.99/month plans.

The extreme encryption of the stored files is the main attraction of the pCloud. If you are extremely concerned about the security of your files, you may consider going for the pCloud over any other cloud solutions listed above.

9. IDrive

IDrive is a popular data backup cloud solution. For those who need to keep their data safe from online threats or to prevent the data loss over time, the IDrive is a good choice. IDrive will give you a free storage of 5GB to store your important information. You can also buy the premium cloud storage version of the service which provides 1TB of storage at $52/yr.

Like already mentioned, IDrive is widely used for taking backups and storing them safely. Users will be able to take backups of almost of their devices including PC, Mac, Mobile devices, etc. within a matter of minutes. The transfer speed is extremely fast on the IDrive.

10. NextCloud

Last but not least, the NextCloud is not a popular cloud solution, but still managed to hold on to this list. Using NextCloud you can access, share, all your contacts, files, and any information within a matter of seconds. The user-friendly interface makes it stand different. As the NextCloud is an enterprise solution is mostly comes as packages of 50 users, 100 users, etc. The plans are ranging from €1900 to €8900 per year. Plans are flexible as per your enterprise requirements.

Best Cloud Service: Which is your Selection?

You got your favorite cloud service right? Is the features enough for your needs? Do you want something specific which any of the above-listed cloud services doesn’t offer? Let us know your thoughts and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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