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How to Fix Error 404

Error 404 or popularly known as the 404 not found error is an HTTP status code used to notify the user that there is no resource available at the provided location. In simple words, when you try to access a web page which is either removed or moved to another URL, you will see the 404 page not found error. This is how the Wikipedia 404 – file not found page looks like.

What is 404 Error

As already mentioned, the 404 error is an error happening due to the missing content or resource on a web page. There are several situations when someone faces the Error 404 Not Found on their web browsers. If the URL they are searching for is removed from that location, the user will face the error 404. Like that, even if it is moved to a new URL, the user will see the 404 Page Not Found error.

How To Fix the 404 Not Found Error

Actually, there are two sides for the fix. If you are a regular website user, you can continue reading the methods given below. But if you are a webmaster who is trying to fix the HTTP 404 Not Found on his website, you may skip these steps and jump into the second section for the webmasters to fix the error in their own websites.

Reload the Page

To fix the 404 code, the first thing you have to try is reloading the web page either using the reload icon at the top bar of your browser or by simply pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. It will reload the page, and the chances of getting it fixed are very low. However, you should give it a shot before stepping into any advanced fixes listed below.

Check if the URL is Correct

If you are typed the web address in a hurry, there may be some errors or misspelled words in your URL. Double check the URL to make sure that the URL is entered correctly. If you accessed the URL from a link, do the same checks on it too. Because, the links are manually inserted by the webmaster who may be typed it wrong.

Switch the directory levels

This is a tricky method to solve error 404. If the accessed URL is in a sub-directory of the website like, try removing the sub-directories one by one from the last. In our case, we should move one directory up like If the 404 code still appears, move up again to It is most likely to get into any of those sub-directories where you could find out the archive which lists the article you are looking for.

Try Searching on that Website

After you see the 404 server error on any website, you could try searching the term on the site directly without a search engine. Find the search area on the website and input your search time. You will most likely get the article listed.

Search again in Search Engines

Still can’t find the fix for the 404 error code? Try redoing the search on a good search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There might be tens r hundreds of articles covering the same topic which you are looking for. Unless it is a very rare topic or something special on a single website, you are most likely to get another useful resource where you can find the answer.

Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache is extremely useful to access the websites much faster. But sometimes, due to some misconfigured caching functions or some browser bugs, the cache may remain the same for a long time. If the web page you are looking for was an empty page months ago and the browser cache is still serving the same content on the web page, clearing your browser cache may solve the problem. It is very rare to happen such a problem because all the modern browsers are intelligent enough.

Clear Cookies

If clearing the web browser cache didn’t work, we should also give a try to clearing the cookies in your browser. Also give it a try and reload the web page with the 404 error.

Change DNS servers

DNS servers may also block you from accessing certain websites due to some restrictions. If it is the DNS problem, an entire website will block you from accessing it. If you are only finding the 404 problems on a single web page, it is not the DNS problem. So, try changing the DNS server to a good DNS like the public DNS from Google (, Then try reloading the web page.

Try Accessing from a Different Device

After trying all of the above-listed error 404 fixes, it is the time to do something more. If you tried to access the web page from your smartphone, try a computer to access it again. If it was from your PC, try a smartphone instead. There is not that much chance to avoid error 404 by switching the devices. But as a last resort, you could try it also.

Contact the website owner

Of course, you could try contacting the webmaster of that website and let him know that the web page is missing. He will be happy to help you as you are pointing out a traffic driving web page problem on their website. Even if the web page is moved to a new location, they will let you know that. Most of the websites provide a contact us page with a contact form. You could utilize that to communicate with them.

How to Fix the 404 on your Website

If you are a webmaster and want to fix the 404 File or Directory Not Found error on your own site, the above-given methods won’t be the solution. Because you are not the user here instead you are the one who should fix the problem either from the server side or on the website. To fix the 404 not found error on your website, you can try any of the following methods.

Fix Source Link

Always make sure that the website which is pointing to that 404 page entered the link correctly. If you notice any errors in the URL, contact that webmaster and tell him to change the URL to the correct one. They will surely fix the problem as soon as possible.

If the pointing link is from a search engine, just resubmit your sitemap in the webmaster tools like Google Search Console. If an incorrect page is indexed in the search engine, remove the URL from search results and fetch the correct URL for indexing.

Restore Deleted Pages on your Site

If you deleted an unnecessary page with less or no traffic and later found it is driving traffic to your website but to a 404 page, you could try restoring it to the same location. If you have a database backup of your website, just restore the database (make sure that the new posts are not removed). If you don’t have a database backup, no worries. If your web page is old enough that the web crawlers found it, you might find the missing pages in web archives such as

Redirect the 404 Error

If you finally found that the web page is lost forever and you don’t have any backups to restore it, you may create a fresh post regarding the same topic and redirect the old URL to the new one using the 301 redirection method. It is very important to use the 301 permanent redirection if you are concerned of the SEO of your website.

Just Ignore it

If you believe that the web page has not much potential to drive a considerable amount of traffic in comparison to other pages on your site, or if the page is no more relevant, you could just ignore the 404 the requested URL was not found on this server error.

The error 404 page not found may be disturbing sometimes. Especially if you are looking for a rare page which any other websites hasn’t published yet. If so, just follow the steps given above in order to get rid of the 404 error.

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