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What is Facebook

Facebook is a social media network which said to be having around 1.9 million monthly active users as of 2017. It was founded in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States by a team including Mark Zuckerberg who is the current CEO of the Facebook. The other team members include Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Within just a decade and a little, the company has grown to be the most used social media platform on the internet. Let’s dig deeper about the social media giant.

Facebook: the Story

We all know that Mark and his friends studied in the Harvard. The whole story starts when Mark and his friends developed a website namely Facemash set up as a type of “hot or not” game. Initially, the Facebook’s predecessor, Facemash only allowed membership of the Harvard students. Later, they expanded the support to all universities in the Boston area. The website got thousands of members within no time which taught them the possibilities of a social interaction website. But unfortunately, the website was auctioned by a company.

There started the coding process of the Facebook which was called ‘TheFacebook’ by Mark. It was inspired by the Facemash which got a great attention among universities. TheFacebook was setup on a domain name

Within the first month itself, the team was able to make almost half of the entire Harvard students to register on the website. It was addition to thousands of other registrants all over the globe. When ‘The’ in the domain name felt uncomfortable for the easiness of the website, they put it down by buying for $200,000 in 2005. It was a nice move in the journey of the social media giant, the Facebook.

Later in October 1, 2005, Facebook expanded to twenty-one universities in the United Kingdom alongside many others throughout the globe. The expansion of the company continued by hiring more staff members and opening new work areas in different countries.  As of 2007, Facebook had 100,000 business pages which allowed businesses to attract customers by setting up their company pages. In the long run, many cases were filed against the company by numerous giants on the field including the Yahoo! But overcoming all the barriers, Facebook became as we seeing it today with more than a Billion users.

For your reference, here is a revenue graph of the Facebook over the years.

Facebook Features

So far, Facebook has made numerous additions to its features. Here we listed some of the most noticeable features that Facebook currently has.

  • Facebook Pages – Allows creating Facebook pages for businesses or celebrities to reach a wider audience.
  • Facebook Groups – For Facebook members to interact each other by joining a certain area on Facebook.
  • Facebook Events  – To conduct events based on interests by people and track the participation.
  • Facebook Presence technology – The system which allows users to see who is online and can chat with you at a certain time.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Allows advertising for the businesses and people to reach a wider audience with ease.

There are numerous other features too. But it is difficult to list each one of them. These are the most recognized features of Facebook.

How does Facebook Work

The answer is simple. Just sign up for a Facebook account, verify/add details, start sharing your thoughts with the internet world. You could share almost anything using your FB account. Photos, Videos, Files, etc. are all shareable using your FB account. A lot of processes going on in the background while you doing some front end posting. But it is very complicated to understand. Basically, it is a network which connects people together by creating barriers outside each friend zone.

The barriers can be widened by creating Groups which collects people with similar interests and let them share info within the group of limited members. The information shared on the Facebook could be controlled by setting certain privacy options. For example, when sharing a personal photo on Facebook, you could decide whether it is accessible by your Friends only or by everyone on the Facebook. This also allows to have complete control over your personal details like phone number, address, etc.

The Facebook pages allows businesses and celebrities to build a fan base inside Facebook which became very common these days. For example, check out the Tech Quintal FB Page. As you can see, people could like our page, find out the basic info about Tech Quintal, message us, or even visit the website directly from the page. So, the Facebook pages has a huge impact on the popularity of a brand when used it correctly.

Why Facebook is Important

Good question. You might have heard a lot of pros and cons of the internet as well as the Facebook. As you already know, the connections are always important in the human life. To get people connected, the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ put forward a futurist idea of sharing them over the internet. Instead of knowing and spending the entire life within a certain locality or area, the social medias opens a wide world of possibilities. People can connect, share, and explore information shared by Billions of people just like me and you.

But, Yes. I admit that there are some problems with the excess usage of Facebook and getting obsessed with the virtual world of likes and shares. But, if we put it aside, Facebook is a great opportunity for the world population to get to know each other in an easier, convenient, and effective manner. So, the impact of Facebook is not small in this era and it can do wonders.

Now that’s all the article on what is Facebook and the meaning of Facebook. We will be covering more topics on the same to let you explore more and more about the social media and its parts. So, stay tuned to our articles and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us. We will always be happy to hear your thoughts.

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