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WhatsApp Messenger Review

WhatsApp Messenger is a communication app developed by the WhatsApp Inc. operating under the Facebook Inc. It is completely free to use with no additional usage cost or irritating advertisements. With a soul aim to provide an all-in-one messaging application to the users, the WhatsApp messenger has numerous likely features including the recent video calling option. In addition, the WhatsApp messenger also allows you to enjoy free voice calls from and to the WhatsApp enabled devices. So, today we are going to review WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger Interface

There is no introduction needed for the WhatsApp Messenger interface. It is simple, elegant, and extremely user-friendly by listing our friends to begin the chat. The tabs are placed in a nice manner that you can easily make calls and find additional WhatsApp friends from your phone contacts. Unlike many other chat applications for Android and iOS, the WhatsApp seamlessly integrate with your phone number making it super-easy to login and use the service. There is no need to enter the credentials each time you wanted to access the app.

Looking inside, the chat screen will show the recent messages, multimedia, etc. that you recently shared with your friends. The upper bar contains the attachment icon which lets you easily add images, videos, or audios to the chat. Looking down, the input box is rich with the emoji icon where thousands of pre-built emojis are stored. On the right side, there is a camera icon to directly access the camera from WhatsApp. At the rightmost side, there is an audio button. Holding it will record the audio and releasing it will stop the recording and send it to the person. It is an extremely useful feature in the WhatsApp.

Overall, the interface of the app is carefully crafted in order to provide the maximum possible user-friendliness. No matter how experienced you are with the chat apps, the interface will be easy to use.

WhatsApp Messenger Features

Unlike many other communication applications which only allows you to send and receive text messages, the WhatsApp is a completely versatile application coming with numerous advanced features. It includes a voice calling system and the recently included video calling feature. There are much more to explore among the WhatsApp features. We handpicked some most important ones among them. Have a look to know more about the WhatsApp.

Free to Use

Unlike many other paid chat apps for Android and other platforms, the WhatsApp is a completely free variation. You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy any of the WhatsApp services such as messaging, voice calling, video calling, etc. Everything is completely free. Thanks to the Facebook. Moreover, the international calls are also free on the application which we found extremely useful for the frequent travelers. You don’t have to change your application when you go abroad. It works flawlessly on any network including 4G/3G/2G/EDGE/Wi-Fi.

Easily send and receive Messages and Multimedia

It is extremely easy to send and receive messages and multimedia using the WhatsApp messenger. Nothing difficult is there and the whole process is similar to any other chat apps out there. The iconic audio sharing feature is the best we found among them. Just hold and release the audio button to record and send them to your friends. The files are extremely compressed to save the bandwidth and thus the data as much as possible. Even a long audio clip sizes less when compared to a high-quality music file.

Group Chat

WhatsApp online chat is not only limited to two persons. The WhatsApp Group Chat feature allows numerous people to chat simultaneously at the same time without any interruptions. The Groups make it possible for upto 256 members to share their thoughts each other. No interruptions will occur even during the most active hours. Group chat is a great way to stay in touch with multiple people without having to message each one of them separately. So, start enjoying the WhatsApp Messenger group chat.

WhatsApp Web

If you don’t want to access the WhatsApp by opening the application each time, there is a web-based WhatsApp available. You could simply scan a QR code shown on the WhatsApp web website. The rest will be done by the WhatsApp itself. You will be automatically signed into your account on your browser. You could enjoy all the features in the web browser like you do on the smartphones. You will not be restricted from any of the features of the WhatsApp in the web version.

Offline Messages

Even if there is no working internet connection, you will still be able to send messages to your friends. The messages will be delivered to the recipient as soon as you connect to the internet. This is not a unique feature, but WhatsApp did the job much better than many other communication apps out there. Even if you turn off your device or close the application, the messages will still be there without any problems. So, you really don’t have to stay connected all the time in order to use the WhatsApp messaging service.


  • User-friendly Interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Free for life
  • Good performance
  • Always logged in
  • No username and password required
  • No international charges


  • Uses a lot of data to receive messages
  • Few times, affect the performance of the devices

Verdict of the WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best or the best messenger app out there. With numerous versatile features, it does much more than a basic communication application for your Android or iOS smartphone. The good thing is that the app is available for free of cost without any additional cost for accessing any of the features. No annoying ads are there, or no unwanted promotions will interrupt you. It even doesn’t cost you a penny to call your friends with or without the video calling feature.

We weren’t able to find any bugs on the app. So, if you are looking for a good solution to keep in touch with your friends and family, the WhatsApp messenger is the right choice. We hope you liked this review of the WhatsApp messenger.

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WhatsApp Messenger Review
  • User-Interface
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money

WhatsApp Messenger Summary

WhatsApp Messenger is simply an awesome message app from the Facebook team. Thr redesigned interface is extremely easy to use and newly added features are also nice.

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