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Google Review: The Best Search Engine on the Internet

Google is the global leader of the search engines and has numerous tools and services helping millions of users all over the globe. When I say the “Google Review” it not just means the main Google domain and its country variations. As the domain has numerous subdomains like,,, etc., don’t get confused with this review of Google.

Founded by the Larry Page and Sergey Brin, on September 4, 1998, Google became the favorite search engine by pulling down the giants like Yahoo and AOL. They have the best algorithm which solves user queries within a matter of seconds. Billions of web pages are crawled by the Google each and every day in order to provide the most suitable results for the search terms. If you are a blogger and an SEO kind of guy, you will understand how Google works better than others.

Google Design

Google made numerous changes to their design over the years. The most recent design approach is a good looking flat and minimal one on almost of their websites. While making a change, Google will make sure that each one of their subdomains and services gets the benefit from it. If you visit the, you will see a big search box with their beautiful logo alongside two buttons namely “Google Search” and “I am Feeling Lucky.” Very simple and easy to understand the real use of the Google.

Users will be also able to search by their voice by pressing on the mic icon on the right side of the search box. So, in terms of the design, as always, Google dominates the place. Nothing difficult is there to understand on the page even for the people who visits the website for the first time. While talking about the web page loading speed, it is just incredible. I don’t think if anyone will be able to overcome this speed by putting all these features inside.

Google Features

Being a feature rich website, Google needs no introduction to the internet world. Even though, if you are interested, we have listed down some of the most catchy features of the Google that we found interesting. Having a look through them will help you grab more idea about the search engine giant.

The Best Search Results

By having a decent knowledge about the search engines and how they work, I can be pretty much sure that Google has the best search results for the queries by the users. You will never leave Google website without getting at least one answer for your question. Most of the times, Google will list thousands or millions of results especially if it is a popular search term. The order of listing the search results is also brilliant. Have a little research on the “Search Engine Optimization”, and you will get the answer for your question.

Voice Search Feature

If you are lazy enough to type each letter with your hand, you will be able to user your voice instead. With an amazing voice recognition search feature, you will be able to input your queries into the search box and continue browsing the web. It is one of the best voice search systems that we analyzed so far and numerous other brands taking advantage of it on their products. If you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you should try using the Google voice search.


You don’t have to manually type an entire row of the search terms. For example, if you have pretty long search query like, “how to create an email account for my business” you don’t have to enter it completely. As you type the term in the search box, Google will suggest the possible searches which you can select by clicking them. So nice, isn’t it? Try yourself by typing anything in the world and see the Google magic.

Combined Search Results

Instead of showing just the links to specific websites, Google will also show the related Images, Videos, and other useful information regarding your search. For example, if you search “definition of modern technology”, you will see several types of results including the images, featured snippet, related questions, etc. This is just one case. If you search “justin bieber baby”, the first result will be the video of that popular song. So, Google always knows what the users are looking for and is capable of providing the necessary results.

Option to Control Search Results

You will also be given the opportunity to control what you see on Google search. Once you are logged into your Gmail account, you will be given a gear icon on the search results page which you could utilize for controlling the configurations such as the number of results per page, quick results, filtered results, etc. So, you will be able to enjoy a customized browsing experience with Google.


Google is no doubt, the best search engine on the internet. With its various features and functions which make the internet users needs get fulfilled within a matter of minutes, Google has been there for a while. They are also investing in various new companies for collaborating the features into their products for building a better internet. As per the company, the goal is

To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

They are pretty much doing a great job on that by taking down spammy and unwanted websites from their search results. So, as the Google grows, we can expect a better internet where all the information is useful and can be utilized by anyone for free.

That’s all on this Google website review. If you found anything interesting with Google which you have to share, feel free to do that. If we found they are interesting enough to be included, we will be more than happy to do that. So, start Googling yourself and find the best features of Google which made you love this search engine. Also, do have a look at our CNET review article or write a Google review yourself.

Google Review
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Google Summary

Google is probably the best search engine in the world with numerous features and functions. If you are into searching something on the internet, you should go through the Google.

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