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CNET Review: The Best Tech Website

CNET is a technology website that covers tech news, product reviews, how-to guides, product prices, etc. They also do have a tech forum which allows users to post their questions and get answers from the industry experts. CNET was launched by Halsey Minor‎ and Shelby Bonnie on March 5, 1994. It is currently owned and maintained by the CBS Interactive company. The editorial team includes the favorite names in the industry such as ‎Lindsey Turrentine and Connie Guglielmo.

CNET Design

CNET Homepage Design | CNET

CNET have changed its face many times. The current design is a flat, yet impressive one which was implemented recently. The homepage itself include the navigations to all parts of the website with an elegant menu. The first view of the CNET homepage will be the most recent articles/the most important subjects to let users reach it very easily. Followed by this, there are different sections like Top Stories featuring the most popular articles, Latest Stories listing the latest published articles, Top Reviews and Tech listing the best reviews so far, Top Smart Home listing the guides to setup a smart home, Top Videos displaying their latest videos, Deals listing the best available product deals, etc.

The footer will always include the CNET magazine cover which changes as they publish new versions. You could grab a copy by clicking on the button given on their footer. The lovely hover effect and the flat text and image combination are all making it one of the best-designed tech websites. The best thing we love about the CNET design is the easiness to read and access various functions on their website. You will never get stuck at anywhere.

CNET Features

Being the leader of the tech niche websites, the CNET has covered almost all parts of the tech industry. Either you want a smartphone review or just a video listing the best routers, CNET has an article covered. They publish around 100+ articles (From our tests) each day in different categories alongside numerous videos and deals. So, you might have to spend the whole day to cover all the articles published on CNET. To make this CNET website review complete, have a look at the features too.

Most Trusted Product Reviews

CNET covers reviews of various products. In other words, they review almost any tech gadgets. The list includes Appliances, Audio Products, Cameras, Cars, Networking, Desktops, Drones, Headphones, Laptops, Smartphones, Printers, Software, Smart Home, Tablets, TVs, Virtual Reality, Wearable Tech, Web Hosting, etc. Do I miss anything?

CNET reviews are considered as one of the most trusted reviews in the industry. As per the industry experts, they have a separate team for the review section who carefully analyze each and every product they review. You can see on almost of their review articles, they will post a review video too. They also do provide a rating for the product to let users make a decision quickly.

CNET Reviews

One of the Fastest Tech Reporters

Staying updated in this fast changing tech world is very important. Knowing this, the CNET news reporters are frequently updating their website with new tech news. If you visit the CNET news section, you can see that 5-10 news articles being published every hour. Are you free enough to read all of them?

Most of the trusted brands will create a pitch on the CNET website after making any changes to their services or releasing a new product. So, it will be easily delivered to the majority of the CNET readers. I really like the way their reporters write precise and short news articles.


Videos for Almost all Articles

Videos talk thousand times better than words. So, the CNET team is constantly releasing new videos for almost of their articles. You will see a small video box appears at the browser screen when you visit one of their articles. Especially for the product reviews, they will post a live review of the product with high definition quality. So, you no longer have to go to the Youtube and search for a video. They have their own servers to host and deliver videos, so you can’t find any Youtube links to the videos. But they have a separate Youtube channel.

CNET Youtube Channel

Deals and Discounts

In almost of their reviews, CNET will list the best prices from various stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. So that you will be easily able to buy them without doing an extra research. Often times, they also do provide special discounts or exclusive sales which you can’t avail anywhere else. So, you could also consider the CNET as a deal store which you can visit frequently and check for some exclusive offers on your favorite tech gadgets.

The CNET Forum

CNET has a tech forum where you will be able to ask your doubts and get answered from the experts. You can also help other users by posting your answers in their questions. There is nothing unusual to notice on the forum, and it is very much like any other tech forums you seen so far. You will need to create a CNET account in order to start enjoying their services. So, go and give it a try.

CNET Forum is actually a subdomain of the CNET which provides free software and apps hosted on their servers. You can find almost any known software there and download them to your computer. It is one of the most popular software download sites. The fast downloading speed makes it very easy to get your favorite software or apps. They also have a quick downloader tool which you can use as a software to find and download the software without having to visit the


Reviewing the CNET was an easy task because I am a regular user of the website. If you have the internet connection and still haven’t visited their website, you should do it now, and you will see the live action. In simple words, CNET is one of the best go-to resources to solve any of your tech-related doubts, get trusted product reviews, or to download your favorite software.

Visit CNET

CNET Review
  • Design
  • User-Friendliness
  • Features
  • Service
  • Trust

CNET Summary

CNET is one of the best tech websites which you could choose to get trusted reviews of products, download software, find deals, and to stay updated with the latest happenings in the tech world.

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