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Top 10 Best Gaming PC

Consoles might be hogging all the headlines and filling up all the spaces on the store shelves, but gamers in the know still stubbornly stick by their gaming desktop PC as being by far the most delish way of craftily sucking up the maximum amount of sweet goodness games have to offer. PC gaming packs rigs pack much more processing and graphical power than consoles and are thus able to render games at far higher resolutions and with much better extra drool-worthy sound and video effects.

Best PCs for Gaming

Gaming on PC started the video gaming revolution, nor does its runaway success and leading edge in the field show much sign of being under serious threat. Gaming PC’s abound, with an endless variety of customization options, size and price to pick and choose from. While it might be more expensive than console gaming or a good gaming laptop the luscious eye-candy and staggering graphical and sound effects it offers are totally worth it. Which is why we thought it prudent to put together a top 10 gaming desktop PC list to guide you should you feel the urge to fall in love and spend most of your life with a cool gaming PC. All items on our list are VR-ready or have the capability of being made so when you require it, and promise a truly mind-blowing experience. Here goes.

1. Alienware Aurora

The Alienware Aurora is beautiful, deadly and in our opinion the top PC for gaming. Chief among its quite charming features are that it’s very very easy to upgrade, even by the most dim-witted. And without any tools or tortuous contorting being required for that usually frustrating task. Just press a button and it opens up, allowing you to swap and modify till you are dizzy. A beast as only Alienware can make them it also sports customizable lighting to light up the fun and gives 4K and VR gaming all the support its extreme performance can muster. Price starts from $799, which is nothing considering just what tricks and magic this mid-sized monster can show you.


2. MSI Trident

The MSI Trident is leaner and meaner than the vast majority of other gaming desktop PC’s out there. In fact, it can be easily mistaken for a console, till you rub your eyes and take a second look at it. Small it might be but very mighty in action it also is. Featuring an Intel core i7 processor, an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and 8GB of RAM it can handle the most demanding games on the planet with a bored yawn and a fraction of its awesome power. Portable like few others you are welcome to slip it into your pocket and show it off to your friends at weekend LAN parties. The PC is priced from $899 and also coming with a gaming mousekeyboard combo.


3. Asus ROG G20CB-DB71

This is the gaming desktop to beat for those who crave peerless VR experiences and adventures. It comes in a portable form-factor, features customizable lighting you can sync to your games for the ultimate experience and draws more than a few envious looks with its alien-worthy design. The G20CB-DB71 is VR-ready straight from the box with no fiddling around required. For an even more stunning experience boost the graphics card and try not to faint from the glorious magnificence thus revealed to you. Price starts from $1,349, a little steep for a slice of gaming heaven, but worth it if you want the best.


4. Maingear Rush

When you have all the money in the world, own a continent or two and desire the most outrageously-capable gaming desktop, what do you settle for? Why, only the Maingear Rush. This gaming desktop gives the word “capable” an all-new meaning. Featuring three, yes three Nvidia GTX 980 Ti GPUS in SLI configuration, liquid cooling and an ultra-premium chassis that looks good enough to butter and chew on, it is clearly the king among gaming desktops and one of the most expensive gaming PC’s you can find. With an Intel core i7 processor and a top-of-the-range Asus motherboard, there is nothing this top gaming PC cannot do. Expect to sell your soul to the devil to get one as the price starts with a whopping $7,927!


5. Digital Storm Vanquish Series

When you are greedy for the best gaming experience, but do not want to give your credit card a stroke, the Digital Storm Vanquish Series got your back. Costing around $878 it sports an Intel Core i5-6500 processor, along with a mighty Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU that makes VR gaming a lovely and orgasmic walk in the park. It is also future-proofed, therefore you can relax and enjoy it for years to come as you vanquish all opposition.


6. Dell XPS Tower SE

Unassuming and indistinguishable from office tower jobs, it’s rather easy to overlook the XPS Tower SE. In its starting configuration, it comes with a Core i5 processor, and an AMD Radeon RX480. Which in case you didn’t realize makes it VR-ready straight from the box. Upgrading it is a real breeze and something even a waddling toddler could do with his/her chubby toes. Price starts from $999, which is rather good value for the money.


7. Corsair One

What is cylindrical and pours forth goodies sweet enough to make grown men shamelessly start drooling? The Corsair One my friend, rather than that ice-cold beer bottle forever decorating your hand. An unconventional form-factor is not the only thing the Corsair One has. It’s also crammed full of awesome tech and rocks a top-tier Nvidia GTX 1080 to play any game you can sling at it and in VR too. The last is really a peach and easy to set up as the VR port is right at the front, with no snakelike contorting or head-scratching needed. Starting from $1,799.99 it certainly isn’t cheap. But be assured it’s fully worth it, as befitting one of the best gaming desktops you can find.


8. Origin PC Genesis

For those in inseparable love with customization who want the most extreme future-proofing to be had, the Origin PC Genesis comes calling and is all you need to flower and prosper in the PC gaming world. Depending on the configuration and the gaming gymnastics you want it to perform it can support a maximum of 34 hard drives and three graphic cards. Coming in a bewildering array of colors and priced from $1,793 the PC Genesis wears its crown of the gaming PC customization king with pride and might well last you a century should you choose to continue outfitting it with the latest and bestest hardware available.


9. Chillblast Fusion Adamantium 3

Featuring top-notch components it’s no wonder the Adamantium 3 delivers sublime performance that will leave you weak-kneed and trembling. Inside its compact case you get an Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU blissfully married to an Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake processor that shamelessly flirts with 16GB of RAM. Easily overclocked for when you want even more power and performance it will serve you well, hard and long. Price starts from £1,549 and will rocket up as you slap on more features on this beast.


10. Lenovo IdeaCentre Y710 Cube

It might be quite a mouthful, but the Y710 sure knows how PC gaming should be. Designed for portability without sacrificing power and performance it comes with a carry handle to enable you lug it around and show it off. Compact and shaped rather like a cube of sugar with a futuristic break it rocks an Intel core i7-6700. This in wondrous cooperation with 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1070 makes it one of the best PC for games to be had. Able to handle VR and 4K gaming with barely a complaint, it is easily upgradeable. Thereby ensuring its longevity and usefulness for quite a while yet. Starting from $1,499, this PC is producing high-quality sound on the headphones.


All signs point to PC gaming prospering now and forever more as its adherents get ever more vocal in singing the praises of their systems and tirelessly breaking processing benchmarks. Whichever PC gaming desktop you choose ensure that it satisfies your short and medium term needs and can be upgraded to handle future gaming requirements. That way you can have tons of fun without your system panting with the effort and threatening to collapse from the strain.

When you fall into a pool of money do read this top 10 best gaming desktop list once again and get the system that tugs most at your heartstrings. That way your days will be chock-full of the most intense joy and heart-shredding excitement possible.

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