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Best Amazon Alternatives for Online Shopping

Amazon is no doubt one of the best e-commerce websites on the internet. Whenever you wanted to shop something online, you might think about the Amazon and its free shipping. If not, you may not be online for a long time. However, like any other companies, Amazon may be disappointing to someone in some features. If so, you might be searching for some Amazon alternatives which you could try for online shopping. This article is for those type of people.

We handpicked some of the best sites like Amazon which is for different needs such as electronics shopping, music purchase, literature shopping, etc. So, whenever you are running out of selection in Amazon, or when you need a change from the Amazon shopping, you should try some of the best Amazon alternatives given below.

1. Rakuten – General  Shopping

Rakuten is the best alternative to the Amazon. With its products lying in almost all categories, you could find any of your favorites there. It is a general shopping website which includes all the products you need for your home, office, electronics needs, fashion, and almost anything. Like Amazon, Rakuten provides various offers and discounts on products. You could visit Rakuten and have a deep look at the large product collection to check whether it is a good replacement for the Amazon or not.

2. Newegg – Electronics Shopping

Newegg is for the electronic lovers. This online market place lists almost all electronic items that you ever needed. Dedicated the electronic items, it is also well-known for the offers and discounts it provides. Newegg lists all computer components, networking items, gaming gadgets, software, services, and almost anything that a geek need. So, if you are an electronic lover who doesn’t have anything to do with Amazon or other such websites, Newegg is the best choice you can make.

3. eMusic – Music Purchase

Music lovers listen to this. eMusic is your perfect destination to buy music. Instead of providing some most popular tracks, eMusic lists almost all albums and songs that released so far. You could find a vast collection of the popular artists and their songs on the eMusic. While Amazon does have an excellent selection of the music items, this dedicated music shopping site could outrun the e-commerce giant in the music category. So, it is a good site like Amazon when it comes to the music purchasing.

4. Flipkart – Shopping of Anything

Flipkart, a well-known online shopping website, mostly in India. Flipkart is very much like Amazon in the listed items and the working as well. You could find almost all products lying in all the categories. When compared to the Amazon, the cost of some items is a little higher, but still not that much. If you need a general shopping website just like the Amazon, Flipkart is a good option to go for. Flipkart is well-known for the presales they conduct. Many smartphones and electronic products come on presale exclusively on Flipkart with huge discounts. So, don’t forget to give it a try.

5. Barnes and Noble – Literature Related Shopping

If you are a good reader, you might love the Barnes and Noble. It has a huge collection of literature and books. You will find all of your favorite novels, books, writings, series, on the Barnes and Noble website. All the items lying in different categories including Awards, Biography, Current Affairs & Politics, Fiction, History, Kids, Literature, Medicine & Nursing, Music, Film & Performing Arts, Mystery & Crime, Science & Technology, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Social Sciences, Sports, Teens, etc. The prices are very cheap when compared to a regular shopping website.

6. eBay – Used Goods Shopping

If you want to save money on your shopping by buying used items, the eBay might be helpful. This online marketplace allows you to sell or buy used items. Even if it is mainly focused on the used items, you could find everything you are looking for. From the small tea pots to the 4K LCD TV are all sold through the eBay. Nevertheless to say that you could save an enormous amount of money by purchasing good, old, used items from eBay. So, if you don’t have enough money to buy something new, search the eBay.

7. Netflix – Movies and Shows

Netflix needs no introduction. One of the biggest names in the show business, Netflix has been there for a while. It is one of the best Amazon prime alternatives. If you have been using the Amazon prime for a while and not yet satisfied with their service, Netflix is the next big choice to go for. Netflix contains almost any movies or shows that you wanted to see. No matter how old you are, or what is your taste, the Netflix could provide a vast collection of items that you want to see.

8. Etsy – For All Shopping Needs

Etsy is yet another Amazon alternative website. It offers all types of products in every category. Like any other website in this list, Etsy also provides various deals and discounts on their products. They also do conduct pre-sales and promotions. If you didn’t like any of the Amazon, Flipkart websites, the Etsy is the next big e-commerce site you could choose for the general shopping.

9. Alibaba – General Products Shopping

Like we already know, Alibaba is the largest online shopping website in China, yes, even bigger than the Amazon when it comes to China. So, they do have a vast collection of products to choose from. You could just visit the website and search for your favorite products. Most probably, you will find it. One of the best things about the Alibaba is its extreme offers on some products. When it comes to the offers and such discounts, Alibaba is one of the best websites to shop.

10. Myntra – Fashion

Myntra is a fashion store where you could get all the fashionc items such as Apparels, Clothing, Footwear, Men’s/Women’s accessories, etc. Myntra is not for those who need some home improvement, or electronic accessories. It is a dedicated fashion shopping website with a big collection of fashion items. So, this is also one best Amazon alternative.

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