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10 Best Gaming Chair for Gamers

The best and most beastly graphic cards and monitors coupled with the most insane gaming setup get all the adulation and all the lustful glances. While leaving crucial items like the gaming chair relegated to the backwaters of gaming and barely deserving a mention. When was the last time your gaming bosom friends asked you which gaming chair you game on? All they would rather talk about is who killed who faster in some recent fps matches and exactly what caused the world to lose the alien invasion. No wonder then that their asses are all blistered, and they are well on the way to getting severe back problems.

Best Gaming Chairs to Buy

How comfortable a gaming chair is can often be the determiner of how long you can play games without needing a break. Apart from it also helping add some extra ‘wow’ factor to an already fabulous gaming experience and treating your body right like the king that it is. Feel like gaming in the greatest possible comfort in the top gaming chairs ever made? Then sit down, relax, read on and find out just what your butt and body needs to help it experience gaming heaven.

1. Vertagear Racing Series SL4000

You don’t have to be a racer to like the Vertagear Racing Series SL4000. It’s colorful, beautiful, very capable and available in a plethora of colors to suit every petty likes. It is a racing style gaming chair that can be a handful to assemble. But once you get it up and running your gaming success is assured! Cushioning is rather firm, instead of baby-bottom soft. Which might not be to your butt’s liking. However, support for the body is overall particularly excellent. Adjustable four different ways, with a lockable tilt feature and excellent mobility that lets you easily move around as you show your opponents what you are made of, it’s really in a class of its own. Price is $339 and rather cheap if we say so as we consider this one of the best chairs for gaming waiting for your butt to come claim it.


2. X-Rocker 5129001 2.0

No other gaming seat treats your butt as magnificently as does the X-Rocker 5129001 2.0. Padded to the limit and contoured to fit your body like a glove, you could conceivably game all day and night on it without needing to take a break. Extremely user-adjustable for the best possible fit, it additionally comes with two speakers for a truly surround-sound experience that will blow your mind away. The price is reasonable at $225.65, and the experience is more than worth it.


3. X-Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

For the Pedestal 2.1 X-Rocker definitely outdid even themselves and generously made available all the cool stuff your body loves. Cool, futuristic, elegant and bootyliciously breathtaking in action, it comes with dual wireless speakers and a subwoofer for a fabulous sound that has to be heard to be believed. Exquisitely made with faux leather, it assures your butt and back of the best support and will root for both as you game away. Price is a truly incredible $232 and totally worth it for one of the best chairs for playing games we have ever plopped and fooled around on.


4. BoomChair Sky Lounger

Futuristic like no other gaming chair on our list, the descriptively named Boomchair Sky lounger is delicious eye-candy and definitely butt-fabulous! It is made with faux leather that more than look like the real thing, and perfectly contoured to fit your body shape for the best possible comfort. Padded in ways large and small just like your body likes them, long-duration use is easily assured. In possession of 2-way speakers and a surprisingly loud and powerful subwoofer, it is a top pick any day and a lounging chair to totally relax in and see the world go by with. Price is $599.99, which is a little steep till you remember that this is one of the best gaming chairs ever made.


5. X-Rocker 5171401

Irresistibly cute, functional and capable, the X-Rocker 5171401 delivers exactly what your body needs to get it through interminable gaming sessions. The Rocker 5171401 is made with a breathable mesh fabric to keep you cool and avoid the trickling of sweat into the crack of your butt that other gaming chairs seem particularly fond of doing at the worse possible moments. Like its other X-Rocker brethren, it also comes with two speakers and a subwoofer to bring the action close up and personal to you. So you no longer have to settle on your headset to enjoy games. Price is an awesome $119.98 and a bargain for the pleasure of rocking one of the top gaming chairs in existence.


6. SteelCase Gesture

Designed exclusively for PC gaming and optimum comfort the Steelcase Gesture takes no prisoners and spares no amenities to make you love it. Extremely customizable, and comfortable it can easily be put to other uses apart from gaming. The armrest can cleverly mimic the motions of the human arm so you can set it exactly as your body likes it. And with pockets of air intentionally tapped in this metal beauty, your body is well on its way to being spoiled silly. All these far-out features aren’t cheap however. Expect to cough up a minimum of $1029 to make this baby all yours. In our opinion and most of the other gaming community as well, this is easily the best PC gaming chair in the world. So, rest assured it’s heavy money very well spent.


7. AKRacing AK-7018

Perfectly designed to be as adjustable as possible, once you discover your butt-perfect sitting position on this beauty your butt is well on its way to paradise! Eye-catching and with a tilt feature you just have to love the AK-7018 will be fully supportive of your gaming efforts by helping keep fatigue, back-ache and other loathsome gamer enemies at bay. Priced at $289.99 you might have to sell off your car to get it. But, it’s definitely worth every exorbitant cent.


8. Big Joe Dorm Chair

At last, we found a multi-purpose and sinfully-comfortable gaming chair that doesn’t force you to sell off your relatives in order to purchase it. Costing just a miserly $30, the Big Joe Dorm Chair is one big, fat, and the utterly capable monster that puts many of it’s higher priced contemporaries to shame. Inside its bigness are beans that will contort to your body shape. It’s also covered with pockets to enable you handily store anything usable and smaller than a rhinoceros therein. Durable and with double-stitched seams it will probably outlive you and take more than a fair share of damage. This is easily the best gaming chair under $100 we have ever sat on and unforgettably big and badass in action.


9. X-Rocker 5125401

This is yet another really excellent pedestal gaming chair from the ever-fruitful loins of X-Rocker. The 5125401 looks great, works great and enables you to game great. Stylish, ergonomic and packed full of pro-level features, it’s really a really accomplished gaming seat deserving of the opportunity to join you in your gaming endeavors. Want to tilt forward, back or swivel like a merry-go-round? No problem as this gaming chair makes it super easy. It comes with built-in Bluetooth as well as a wireless transmitter and receiver that enables you to game-chat with your buddies during massive multi-player battles without needing to use a headset. Talk about capability! Price is $210.10.


10. Merax Executive Racing Style Chair

Colorful and stylish, the Merax Executive Racing Style Chair not only looks good but also enables you to game hard, long and intensely. Comfortable for lengthy gaming sessions, and adjustable to suit your varying whims, it ticks all the right boxes and comes rather cheaply too. Rocking a 360-degree swivel, it’s just what you need for ultimate VR experiences. Or when you get the urge to move around and make some noise as you beat epic bosses and save the universe for the umpteenth time. Equipped with a footrest and back support, there are no limits to what it can help you do. Price is $244.99.


Gaming chairs are an important part of your gaming arsenal. They need to be comfortable, adjustable and somewhat stylish. With them, your focus is assured and your body excellently coddled. Without them, humanity is in peril as the dark forces overwhelm the planet while you are busy digging out yet another nail unashamedly poking you in the ass from your make-shift gaming seat. Do the right thing and get a good and very comfortable gaming seat today. Your body will thank you for it, and your gaming level will zoom way up as a result of the easy access to your gaming mouse and gaming keyboard.


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