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WWW Google, How Do you Know Everything

WWW Google” its just a joke guys. Google knows almost everything in this world. Either you type how to signup for Gmail or how to brew a coffee, Google has the answer. How is this even possible? How Google became such a huge index of things within this 2 decades after its invention? If you are curious to know the answers to all these questions, continue reading this article where we are going to completely analyze the search engine giant, the Google. is a very familiar site to the internet users. If you have a smartphone or a PC with an internet connection, most likely you might have visited the website at least once. The interesting search features like we listed in our last article on Google review will make your searches easier like never before. But actually, how do they provide such precise information for almost all of the user’s search queries? Let’s dig deeper.

WWW Google, How did you get all these Info?

In order to provide the info that the users need, Google has to get it from somewhere. It is almost impossible to write all those content by assessing them to the employees. So, Google should collect them from anywhere else. That’s why the internet or the web is a collection of millions of websites created by thousands of brilliant minds. Google is just a mediator between the user and the website where the actual information resides.

The have something called the “crawler” which is often referred as the “Google spider” or “Google bot.” It is actually a system which crawls the web pages which are on the internet and allowed access to the crawlers and bots. When comparing with other search engine crawlers, the Google has an absolutely advanced system which fetches data from millions of web pages at the same time. So, it is not just a single crawler that helps Google to build their index.

The crawled web pages will be run through several mechanisms created by Google. They will also store the information on their servers for accessing them later. So, whenever a website publishes a new article about anything in this world, Google has the data. For example, if I write an article on “how to change or reset Gmail password,” Google has the web page URL in their index. So, this is how the WWW Google guy knows almost everything in the world.

How are you Providing it to the users?

Google has an index of all the web pages which the web crawler has crawled. So, it is the time to provide the users the required answers for their questions. So, whenever a user inputs a search query, Google has the extremely fast mechanism which scans all of the indexed pages related to that term (which is already sorted out according to the SEO rules) and lists the most appropriate ones. All these happens within a matter of milliseconds. The extremely capable Google servers can show millions of results to the users to solve their problems.

To experiment it yourself, just search something on Google search, and you will see something like “About 6,550,000,000 results (0.92 seconds).” It is not a joke like WWW Google. It is the real fact. When I searched the term “music” in Google, they have provided more than 6 Billion results for me to select. Here is the screenshot.

Are they Precise?

Yes, they are. Google has one of the best systems to sort out most relevant results for the user’s search queries. They automatically remove the spammy websites or the websites created for exploiting the users. For almost 99% of the searches, Google will provide the exact answers you are looking for. The incorrect results may show up if the search query is very rare and no one wrote about it. If a spammy site wrote about that search term and no one else even hasn’t included that keyword anywhere in their web pages, that website may rank.

If you search something which is either misspelled or not recognized by Google, it will suggest the right search term for you. It will look like this.

If you entered something really weird which Google can’t find in any of the indexed pages in its database, it would show you the not found error looks like this.

In short, Google shows accurate results for all of the user search queries using the most advanced ranking techniques. As per the industry experts, there are around 200+ different ranking factors which Google use to filter out the best results among thousands of related pages. So, never again doubt the Google. They are pretty much experienced to provide you the answer precisely to any of your questions even if it is complicated.

How much is your Capacity?

When it comes to the Google, by considering their huge network of servers and rapid growth in earnings, there is nothing like an out of storage issue or server outage. They store the same data in multiple servers placed all over the globe in order to protect the internet always info rich. Even if a server got some serious issues, the other servers would do the job for the users. In addition, they are keeping their systems all upto date with the most advanced technologies possible. As per the reports from trusted sources, Google has crafted their own method of creating and maintaining the servers with the coding languages crafted by their own team members. So, any external change will not affect their process unless they decide.

If you still doubt the power of Google servers to maintain Billions of search queries each day, just think about the Youtube were 300+ hours of video being uploaded each and every minute. It is just a single service provided by Google. So, they are capable of serving the users even the internet users doubled overnight (I believe so).

So, the WWW Google search engine is enough powerful and smart to collect, store, and provide all the information in the world (If it is anywhere on the internet.) It has been helping the internet users since the Google birthday. Now you understood everything about it.

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