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White Noise Free App Review

White Noise is well-known for its ability to make human relax. Those beautiful sounds can make you relax at the day time and fall asleep at nights. White Noise Free is an application developed by TMSoft which produces different white noises. Most of them are captured from the mother nature itself. The white noise sounds include Amazon Jungle Noise, Beach Waves, Camp Fire, Blowing Wind sound, Thunder Storm and many more. All are extremely pleasant to the ears and super-satisfying.

After hearing a lot about the White Noise Free app and its ability to provide such stunning white noises, we decided to review it. After testing the app for the review purpose, we liked it so much. So, without any further introduction, here is the White Noise app review.

White Noise Free App Interface

White Noise app features a nice interface which directly takes you to the slider which you can use to skip between the available sounds. At the first look, it seems like a music player with the forward/backward, pause, like buttons. You could utilize those controls in order to toggle the white noise music. In addition to that, the additional features like catalog, timer, sleep mode, download white noise, etc. are placed at the bottom of the player. At the very bottom, there is an ad space which is not that irritating or interpreting the actions.

There are no much inner options or controls for the application. All of the functions are accessible from the main app interface itself. You can also share your favorite white noise with your friends on social media.

Be sure to avoid the usage of headphones with white noises for a long time. It may badly affect your hearing abilities.

White Noise Free App Features

The features of the White Noise Free app ranges from the beautiful white noises to the ability to create your own white noises. If you are interested in knowing better about the White Noise app features, here are they.

Numerous White Noise Sounds

Like already mentioned, there are numerous white noises in this application. It include Amazon Jungle, Beach Waves Crashing, Camp Fire, Ocean Waves Crashing, Blowing Wind, Thunder Storm, Rain on Car Roof, Rain Storm, Light Rain Pouring, Heave Rain Pouring, Extreme Rain Pouring, Boat Swaying in Water, Water Dripping, Running Shower, Water Sprinkler, Stream Water Flowing, Running Water, Cat Purring, Crickets, Chirping, Frogs at Night, Air Conditioner, Grandfather Clock, Clothes Dryer, Chimes Chiming, Oscillating Fan, Hair Dryer Blowing, Dishwasher Rinsing, Vacuum Cleaner, Airplane Travel, Cars Driving, City Streets, Crowded Room, Heartbeat, Tibetan Singing Bowl, Train Ride, White Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, Blue Noise, Violet Noise, etc.

If this is not enough for your needs, you can download more from the store provided by the app or can create your own white noises.

A Beautiful Player

The interface of this application is a beautiful player which you can control using your fingers. Just swiping the screen will toggle the white noise that you are currently listening. There are all necessary controls which you will need in a music player. You can move to next/previous noise, pause/play the noise, add it to the favorites, view the information, control volume, etc. using the white noise player. The beautiful backgrounds on each noise enhance the beauty further.

Sound Catalog

In the sound catalog of the White Noise Free app, you will be able to browse through the complete list of the available sounds. You can add them to the favorites to prefer them over the others. In addition, you will be able to create mixes of the noises. For example, if you like both of the rain and thunder noises at the same time, just move to the Mixes tab and tap on the option. You can also create your own mixes by selecting any of the available sounds on the app.

Download White Noise

If you run out of enjoyment by listening to the same noise again and again, there are plenty more on the market provided by the app. You could either download their market app or visit their website to get additional white noises to listen. The collection is pretty large, and you can find your favorites from the long list provided there. You will also get notifications once a new featured item is available. You could download them if you like or simply dismiss the message.

Record your Own White Noises

Feeling like you can record some beautiful white noises your own? If so, you can tap the + icon on the interface and choose the appropriate option from the popup. You will be immediately taken to the recording screen where you can record the new sound. Later, it will be added to your catalog. You can also create new sound mixes using this feature.

A Digital Clock

Need a digital clock on your screen? You don’t have to download an extra application to do it. This app allows you to view the time and date on your screen without any difficulties. Just tap the moon icon on the interface, and it will bring a beautiful clock widget on the screen.


You can also set alarms using the timer feature of the White Noise App. You could either utilize the existing presets or create new ones as per your requirements.

Compatible with Any Android Version

The White Noise is compatible with any Android versions (which is not too old.) As per the developers, it is completely compatible with the latest Android 7.0 and has no bugs with the OS. For the iOS users, you can visit this link to download the White Noise application. Windows users can use this link, and Mac users can utilize this one. If you prefer the Amazon version, use this link. Note that all these links are for the free version. The links are different for the pro versions which you can find on the developer’s official website.

Most Importantly it Works!

The last and the most important feature is that it really works. We tested it, I mean at least I tested it to fall asleep as soon as possible. And in the next morning, I realized that it really worked. You can try it yourself and give feedback to us.


  • 40+ different white noises
  • Beautiful player
  • Marketplace to download more noises
  • Timers
  • Can mix multiple noises
  • Can record new white noise


  • Background audio is only available in the full version
  • Ads

Verdict of the White Noise Free App Review

White Noise Free is a simple application to relax yourself in stressful conditions. It is not like many other white noise apps for Android. It works. So, if you would like to give a try to this app, you could do that from the button given below. It is for the Android users and others can use the links above or directly visit the TMSoft website.

Download White Noise Free App

  • User-Interface
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money

White Noise Free Summary

White Noise Free from the TMSoft is a perfect solution to relax in stressful conditions. You can use it to relax on the day time and to sleep on the night.

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