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What is WiFi and How Does Wifi Work

Wifi is a very common term these days. Most you have a Wifi connection either in your own home or in your workplace. Have you ever thought what is Wifi, and how does Wifi work? If yes, we are here to answer your questions. Wifi makes use of the radio signals to provide internet access to the connected devices as well as allowing them to transfer data even without an internet connection. It is quite interesting to know that the Wifi more than 200 times faster than an average Bluetooth technology and covers much wider distance.

So, it is essential to make use of the Wifi network connection in order to access the internet as well as to fulfill different file transfer needs. For this, understanding the Wifi technology is very important. So, we have incorporated all the details you need in this article. Without having a long description, let’s look into what Wifi is and how does it work.

What is Wifi

Wifi is a technology utilizes radio waves to provide network connectivity to the devices. The Wifi routers will create a Wifi Hotspot, and the devices with the Wifi support can find and connect to those hotspots. Then the internet connection will start flowing from the router to the device making it possible for the person to browse the internet. The wireless router will emit radio waves between the frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz based on the configurations and built-in hardware which also can be chosen by the user.

There are different kinds of Wifi modems available which provide different frequencies and signal strength. Based on the coverage of the router, you will be able to receive strong signals even at a larger distance. The number of simultaneous connection also sometimes depends on the router build.

The “Wifi” was initially called “IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum“.

How Does Wifi Work

In simple words, the Wifi works by transmitting radio signals from the router which is received by a Wifi enabled device. But that’s not an apt sentence to describe the whole working of the Wifi system. So, if you need a deeper look into how Wifi works, have a look at the following paragraphs.

Wifi works by emitting radio signals of frequencies between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Like any other radio emitting devices, it needs a receiver to receive the Wifi signals in this range and use it as a tunnel for the internet data to flow. So, our computers, smartphones or other Wifi enabled devices has this built-in function to receive Wifi signals. The reason why a basic desktop PC doesn’t support Wifi is the lack of a Wifi receiver. By installing one, you will be able to detect the Wifi from your router.

In some situations, the Microwave oven in your house (if you have one), interprets with the Wifi signals because the frequency ranges of that device and the Wifi are almost similar. Many people reported that they face problems in the Wifi connectivity while their Microwave oven is working.

Is Wifi Dangerous

There were lots of misconceptions about the Wifi signals. Someone said that it would cause headaches resulting in a lack of concentration and some others even said that it causes cancer. But, the recent reports from the trusted sources say that the Wifi signals are not causing such mental or physical illnesses. It is absolutely normal to use your Wifi whenever you need to stream hours of videos or to always stay connected on your smartphones. The reason is Wifi signals are non-ionizing radiation which can’t cause such health issues in most of the cases.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wifi

Like any other product or service, Wifi or the Wireless connections, in general, has some advantages as well as disadvantages. For your knowledge, we are going to break down the most noticeable advantages and disadvantages of the Wifi.

Advantages of Wifi

  • Wifi is extremely easy to use: Like we already know, it is extremely simple to setup and start using the Wifi connections. All you have to do is buying a router, modem, and supporting devices, taking an internet connection, and connecting to your network. No hassles and complicated installation procedures. The ISPs itself may set up the initial configurations for you.
  • Very fast data transfer: When compared to previous technologies such as Bluetooth, the transfer speed in Wifi is exceptional. With the most modern technologies, it can even transfer Gigabytes of data within a matter of seconds. The Wifi system even being used in high-level business offices and tech industries to make sure of the fast data transfer speeds without the need for wires.
  • Reliability: Except the fact that the disconnection occurs once the power is out and router problems, the Wifi is very reliable and stable. Within the range of the signal reach, you will be able to enjoy an almost same transfer speed without any interruptions.
  • Mobility: Wifi can be installed and configured almost anywhere. There are no space limitations, or it doesn’t require a certain area to work. That’s why we are able to connect to Wifi hotspots in train stations, airports, and even restaurants.
  • Expandability: Wifi is highly expandable based on the equipment we have. Using the Wifi extenders, we will be even able to expand the coverage area of the Wifi signals.
  • Low cost: There are no jaw-dropping costs to buy a Wifi modem and install it to enjoy the unlimited Wifi access. There are internet plans starting from few dollars a month. So, it will not cost you much to setup and make use of the Wifi in your home or office.

Disadvantages of Wifi

  • Wifi security matters: It is always important to change your Wifi password frequently. Even with the most secure encryption methods, people’s Wifi still getting hacked. As the security level lowers, the chances of being hacked are very high. These days, there are even some Wifi apps which can directly hack into your Wifi passwords (If you have the lightest encryption method.)
  • The signal strength is still an issue: Even if we can improve the signal strength using the Wifi boosters and range extenders, there is still a limitation to the range that we can get. The signal strength will also reduce considerably as far as we go from the Wifi router.

Did you Understand the Meaning of Wifi and its Working

Have you got an idea about the Wifi definition and its working? If yes, do let us know. If not, let us know that too alongside your doubts and questions about Wifi.

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