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How to Unfriend on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media websites of its kind. It can be fun as well as it can irritate you with unnecessary notifications and friends requests. If someone in your friend’s list is no more needed and you wanted to unfriend them, it is very easy to do so. As Facebook itself suggests, you should only send friend requests to someone you actually know. But, not necessarily. You can also have some connections all around the globe with your foreign friends. However, it is recommended to unfriend those people whom you don’t have much friendship or frequent chat sessions.

If you are looking for a way to remove some of your friends on Facebook, we have a complete guide to help you. You could follow the steps given in the following sections to unfriend on Facebook.

What Facebook Unfriending will Do

Unfriending someone on Facebook will remove them from your friend’s list as well as you from theirs. They will not be notified during the unfriending. You will not be able to ping or message the person after unfriending him/her on the FB. They will be removed from your chat list as well as from your notifications. In simple words, if you want to message them again or ping them, you should add them as a friend again. If they keep disturbing you by repeatedly sending friend requests, you can block them too.

When should you Unfriend Someone on Facebook

There are some situations where you are forced to unfriend someone on Facebook account. But, there are more situations when you should think about unfriending a person. We listed some such situations below. Have a look at them.

  • When the person keeps disturbing you: If the person keeps disturbing you by continuously sending game requests, challenges, etc. which makes you embarrassed, you may unfriend or completely block him from your account. This will allow you to enjoy your FB surfing time without any disturbances.
  • If the person is inactive for a long time: If you notice that some of your friends are inactive for a long time or if they moved to a new FB profile, you may unfriend the old account. If it is the case they moved to a new profile, be sure to send them a friend request to the new profile.
  • Once you found its a fake profile: Facebook is flooded with fake profiles. As per the reports, around 12% of the accounts on Facebook are fake! It is a big number when considering its 2 billion monthly users. So, once you found some of your unknown friends are fake, unfriend them.
  • When you simply can’t make him/her a friend: Even if you don’t have any specific, solid reason to unfriend or block someone, you can do so if you want. But don’t do this to your friends or parents, they might screw you. lol.

Things you should Know Before Removing Friends on FB

There are few things you should be aware of before removing your friends from the Facebook. For your knowledge, we listed some of the most important points. Be sure to check them before continuing to the method to delete FB friends.

  • You will no longer be able to message them: Once you remove your friends, you will no longer be able to chat them using the Facebook. You should resend the friend request, and they should accept it for your to message them again.
  • Their posts will not be visible on your wall: After unfriending your friends on FB, you will no longer receive their posts or notifications on your wall. If you have a friend who posts interesting stuff and you want to see them all the time on your feed, do not unfriend them.
  • It will remove you from their friend’s list as well: Removing them from your friend’s list doesn’t only mean that it is just removed from your profile. Instead, you will also be removed from their friend’s list. Once they try to send you a message, they will not be able to find you as a friend.

How to Unfriend on Facebook

Now, you got a basic understanding about unfriending someone on FB. But here is the exact steps to unfriend on Facebook.

  1. Login to your FB profile
  2. Go to the person’s profile whom you want to unfriend
  3. Hover over the Friends button at the top of his/her FB profile
  4. From the drop-down, select Unfriend option

So, before going to delete your Facebook account due to some disturbances from a person, try unfriending them.

Some common queries asked about the FB unfriending

Here are some of the most common queries asked by most of the people who try to unfriend their friends. We have answered them to help you in solving those questions.

How do you unfriend someone without them knowing?

When you unfriend someone do they know? No. Like already mentioned in this article, unfriending will not notify the other person about it. You don’t have to do anything special to hide the unfriend notification, because there is nothing like that.

How do you customize your friends list on Facebook?

You can customize your Facebook frined list by unfriending each unnecessary person from your profile. For this, visit your profile and click on the “Friends” tab. You will be able to manage and organize your friends from there.

Who can see your friend list?

By default, any person who visits your profile and then the friends tab can see your friends list. If you want to customize and deny access to a specific group, you just have to visit the friend’s tab, click on the ‘pencil icon’ and select Edit Privacy option. There you can set the specific permissions for your friends or public.

Is it necessary to remove inactive friends?

No, it is not. It is completely up to you whether to unfriend your existing friends or leave it as it is. However, once you reach the maximum FB friends limit, you may have to unfriend some of them in order to accept new friend requests.

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