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Top 10 LinkedIn Alternatives

For making professional connections that well might send your career rocketing to the sky LinkedIn is peerless. When you need to get a job, hire someone who knows just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, or need to remain in contact with people in your profession, LinkedIn does it best.

Presently boasting over 300 million users from over 200 countries, LinkedIn is a top and immensely popular professional networking tool you just have to look at and shake your head in admiration over.

But all is not rosy in paradise. Irksome issues like the spamming of users email account, privacy concerns, and the requirement that you shell out before you can access its more advanced features all conspire to make some present and potential users frantically start searching for viable alternatives.

Best Sites Like LinkedIn

What sort of alternatives are these? Read our top 10 LinkedIn alternative list and find out.

1. AngelList

When you are looking for a top LinkedIn alternative you can’t get any better than AngelList. It’s very simple, foolproof and fabulous. And just the thing you need if you are looking for a job with myriads of organizations and businesses.

Using the site, you can also hire needed professionals, search for people to invest in your promising startup and do pretty much anything LinkedIn might be capable of. Best of all it’s free, so get it and rock it like a boss!


2. Xing

Immensely popular in the EU and deservedly so, Xing lets you find work, your missing rib, and post any openings your firm might have. Think of it as a social media cum professional networking site. At present, it’s available in more than 200 countries and has around 14 million users.

While most of its grand features are free, your having more advanced features mean you have to pay a membership fee for the privilege. Which is worth it anyway considering the considerable zing the site splashes on your professional and personal life.


3. Plaxo

Plaxo can be likened to your own personal assistant that tirelessly works to make your life as easy and stress-free as possible. It’s cloud-based and works at automatically updating your address books and contact list. Anytime your numerous contacts update their personal info, Plaxo will also update, sync, and merge it to your address book.

Apart from that, it will additionally remind you of important events and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and the like. And really lets you enjoy life to the full unencumbered by the need for the constant recall of important info.

Most of its features are free to use. But advanced options have to be paid for.


4. Meetup

Aptly named, Meetup lets you arrange meetings with like-minded people, both offline at the local coffee cafe and online on a discussion board. With it you can intimately interact with people from any part of the globe and yak away endlessly on topics you all are really passionate about.

To get talking just join an already existing Meetup group or form a brand new one of your own and start the mother-of-all talkathons! At present, the site hosts around 16 million users drawn from nearly 200 countries. Free to use as it is there’s no excuse not to join today.



Looking for work, are you? Then try Beyond.Com. Dubbed the “Career Network” the site seamlessly connects millions of job seekers with matching employees looking to hire top talent.

People looking for work get a particularly sweet deal in that they are offered more than 500 industry-specific talent groups to pick and choose from. Which ensures that you apply for the exact position in the exact industry you wish to. Also, you get access to career-specific content that polishes your work skills and keeps you up-to-date on the latest happenings in your chosen career.

6. Connect

Unlike the majority of other professional networking sites, Data.Com Connect gives you access to the phone no and email id of individuals listed in its rather extensive business directory. Thus equipped you can call and email them about jobs in their company or pester them till they have to put a restraining order on you.

Also, you can search out specific individuals, companies and industry type and location you wish to be networked with. It’s largely free to use, but for more premium and class-leading features expect to cough up nearly $300 yearly. Connect

7. Opportunity

This a top networking platform that provides excellent opportunities for you to grow your career, circle of friendly professionals, get a job, and other tasks networking sites are seemingly enjoying doing.

It’s rather unique in utilizing a scientific method to discover individuals you best match and finicky companies that are looking for the exact skills you evidently possess. However, to sign in you have to go through LinkedIn. Which can be a mighty turn off just when you were looking to wean yourself off it.


8. Sumry

For really sublime online work portfolios and resumes do visit Sumry. It’s a web application that apart from polishing your resume till its glittering like a 40-carat diamond also relentlessly makes you better educated, expands your work experience, expertise and displays past recommendations from previous employers and other people you might have worked with. This serves to let your future employers gauge how suitable for employment you might be.

The basic version is free, but the more advanced one like the good things of life will set you back a few dollars monthly.


9. NetParty

This is currently a small but frantically growing social networking site focused on the youth. It lets users have all the fun they care to while they seek to advance their professional careers.

Users also get access to exclusive parties full of the young and upwardly mobile looking to raise hell and live life to the max. Joining up is free, so go ahead and join the party!


10. Jobcase

On Jobcase you get to build a thorough portfolio that lists in the most minute detail your educational qualifications, your work experiences, the salary you would be most comfortable with, whether you’re ready to pack up and move to another place the company might have better need of you and your unassailable virtues that makes you an excellent pick for the job.

Thus, potential employers can speedily view your profile and know if you might be suitable for what they have in mind. At present, Jobcase features job details compiled from over 100 job listing domains, which is far more than the likes of LinkedIn. With such a diverse list your getting a job in no time is assured. And did we mention that it’s free to use.


LinkedIn is a marvelous professional networking site with few peers. However, due to some identified failings, more than a few individuals seek for alternatives to it that don’t involve selling their souls to the devil. The available alternatives to LinkedIn are as many and varied as beer cans at a frat party. The best are featured above. Be sure to check them all out and come thank us later when they send your career and life to the top.

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