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The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Review

Life, this fickle life at least can be joyfully measured with firsts. Your first kiss. Your first fight. The first car you ever owned. The first time you won the lottery and bought an island with the payoff. And last but decidedly not least, the first time you got your hands on a Zelda game. I can still vividly remember the first Legend of Zelda game I ever played, on the venerable -and legendary- Nintendo 64 no less. Boy, was it far-out magnificent! Ever since then I have been enthralled with the series and measure the calendar by when the next evolution of the decidedly peerless adventure game will put in a gorgeous appearance. Today we are going to review The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

In this latest release, Nintendo mixes all the right ingredients die-hard fans and tentative new ones in search of some delish blend of action adventure and the freedom of open world exploring are dying for. The result is impressive and could easily be the best Zelda ever. If not the best adventure game currently strutting it’s stuff on the planet. Pity only the Wii U and the new Nintendo Switch are deemed fit for it. Well, all the more reason to work harder and buy either. Or both.

Review of The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild

The evil and properly calamitous Calamity Ganon have wiped out Link and his happy band of heroes. While kidnapping the lovely Zelda in the process. With an eye on the future, Zelda sends Link to a cave to rest up like a Nintendo version of Merlin the magician. Link awakens after a hundred years with his memory spotting as many holes as a wheel of cheese. Never one to give up he then proceeds to set things right with his world and deal with the devious Ganon a jab and a poke in the eye at a time.

Massive Open World

As the chief protagonist Link, you are plucked down into a positively gargantuan open world and left to your own devices. How you play the game is entirely up to you and your imagination. The world is indeed your oyster, and you can kick back and enjoy the good life. Or battle all the baddies you lay eyes and sword on. Apart from an effing big world beyond compare, Hyrule is additionally stuffed with enough things to do to occupy your time well into next century. When you get tired of watching the definitely breathtaking scenery try visiting the 100 shrines and if you are lucky getting gifted with “spirit orbs” to gain additional hearts or increase your stamina bar. If you are the horsey type stables also abound waiting to be discovered where you can take the horses therein out for a canter. Or climb towers to open up new areas of the map to your august presence.


One could rightly accuse Nintendo of sparing no effort to make the Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild into one of the most beautiful and realistic looking games ever. Hyrule looks almost good enough to eat and could have been painted by Michelangelo himself in an excellent mood just after painting the Sistine chapel. Both in the PC and Console versions, the game looks a little bit backward in terms of the 3D graphics efforts. So, Nintendo should have done a better job in such an amazing game.


What’s a good old fashioned adventure game without some enthusiastic hacking and slashing? During your perambulations around Hyrule, you will pick up all manner of weaponry ranging from bows to swords, tree branches and the like. Each weaponry is also multi-functional and able to be put through a variety of uses. Example, if you get tired of hefting that heavy shield of yours, why you can turn it into an improvised snowboard and send some snow flying around. However, beware as every weapon you possess if used excessively will eventually wear out and shatter to pieces at the most inconvenient moment.

The greatest weapon of all in the game is the Master Sword. And rather than say being rewarded with it for rescuing a pretty damsel in distress you must find it yourself by figuring out where it is most likely to be. However, no matter what you might be armed with you will still speedily fall before the most ineffectual foe if your stomach is as empty as your health bars. Thereby teaching you the importance of cooking up and chomping on some properly nourishing food before going on quests.

Talking about food, which incidentally is one subject very dear to my heart and stomach, the game enables you to cook all manner of presumably delish dishes. The rub however is that you have no way of knowing if they are in fact edible as you throw ingredient after ingredient into the pot in a bid to cook up the perfect dish to replenish the strength levels of your hero. Or give him extra hearts or better resistance to either cold or hot weather. Not to worry, in all probability, you will be cooking up some pretty horrible stuff at first before you become something of a Michelin-starred chef. At least, it’s quite reassuring that you can’t give Link food poisoning.

Downsides of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Overall, The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a totally awesome game. But there are a few hiccups with it. First, while gameplay is largely smoother like melted cream, when the going gets tough FPS inexplicably dips. Fortunately, this happens too infrequently to be an issue. Nor does it detract at all from a decidedly awe-inspiring game the stuff orgasmic dreams are made of. Second, the game makes use of cut scenes and voice acting. We hate to say this, but sometimes they are awful.

The Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gameplay.


  • Gigantic open world
  • Endless fun and adventure
  • Beautifully detailed


  • Stuttering frame rates at graphic-hogging moments
  • Poor voice-over’s

Final words on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend Of Zelda Breath of the Wild is hands down the best game we have played in a while. After reviewing The Legends of Zelda, we found that it is a beautifully riveting, cleverly detailed game with graphics and artwork to die and gleefully kill for. It assembles the best of the best into a peerless product you just can’t help but love and keep loving long into the night and red-eyed but determined the next morning. It might be just the Zelda magic but we are in love and gladly recommend this game to any individual looking to play some life-altering and mind-bending on-screen adventure.

The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Review
  • User-Interface
  • Gameplay
  • Features
  • Controls
  • Value for Money

The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Summary

It is no doubt one of the best Nintendo creations so far. This adventure game puts you in a whole different level of gaming. A must try.


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