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Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology is something very essential for the well-being of the people or even the world. But at the same time, it is also one of the most dangerous factors that caused many problems to the eco-system of the earth. So, we’ve decided to present some of the advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons of technology which will help you to determine your own answers. We can’t say technology is useless or only doing harm to the earth. It does have more advantages when comparing to the disadvantages. Anyhow, let’s have a look at them.

Technology Advantages and Disadvantages

We listed most of the known advantages and disadvantages of modern technology which you should know. As it varies in different sections of the industry, it is almost impossible to list all of them. So, we hope, this article will help you.

Advantages of Technology

As mentioned already, there is a lot of advantages of technology in society as well as in any other sectors. We listed some of the most important out of them for your knowledge. Have a look.

  • Greatly Increased production: Technology is one of the critical factors that greatly enhanced the production of goods and materials. While the human efforts has a limit, the machines perform thousands or even more times better than them. They do the job within the minimal time but with maximum accuracy and efficiency. To have an example, think about the production of clothes. If everything were done by human hands, it would have taken days to produce a single set of wearable. But, technology made this, thousands per day from a single place where just a single machine works.
  • Technology Helps business to improve their services: Think if none of these computers or customer care related operations are not functional. The companies can’t improve their service and optimize it according to the needs of the customers. Now, once we bought something from the electronic shop, we have nothing to worry about until the end of the warranty period. We just have to make a phone call in order to get it fixed upon any problems. This is just a single example, it has a huge impact on various fields of the business to improve their productivity.
  • Saves time: Time efficiency is one of the best advantages of modern technology. Everything nowadays is at least a little automated. The computer based businesses are a grat example of time efficiency of the technology. For example, if you wanted to order something from your vendor, you don’t have to pick your car and reach there, you just have to click a button or make a phone call; the product will reach you in a matter of hours.
  • Technology accelerates Everything: As mentioned in our previous article, technology is something which boosts of the production or in other words, it can accelerate almost any physical operations. It opens a wide possibility for the innovation to explore new and new dimensions. Technology creates new technologies.
  • Enhanced communication: It was never easier to communicate in the last century. But now, there are a lot of communication medium such as the internet, fax, phone, etc. useful both for individuals and businesses. No far how you are, the communication is incredibly comfortable utilizing the modern technologies. Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger are all the examples of communication service providers.
  • Safer storage: It was extremely difficult to keep all those files and stacks in offices safe from disasters. But today, even a room full of papers can be put in a single flash drive. It not only made your files safer and secure but also freed a lot of space on your desk.
  • Technology helps to learn: Technology can boost the ability of people especially students to explore the wide world of knowledge. No matter how aged you are, if you have an internet connection and a device to connect to it, you have a whole world to learn. In addition, numerous famous universities and schools conduct online classrooms and projects participating students all over the world. This helps for a better connection and group learning.
  • Helps to engage Students: Nowadays, students always tend to learn from the internet more than from the traditional textbooks. By integrating the technology with the educational system, teachers and parents can greatly engage students in their studies. They will always love to see live video presentations more than hearing a boring history class. Not only for the students, but any people can be put together with the help of the technology in the educational system.
  • It makes people more capable: It is not hidden that the world is slowly stepping into an entirely computer controlled world. So, it is very essential to have at least a basic idea about the technology and gadgets to be productive in the future. So, the existing technology can prepare the current generation for the future technology.
  • Technology Helps people with disabilities: The education of individuals with disabilities was always challenging. But nowadays with the help of numerous futurist inventions like text messaging in classrooms, advanced touch recognition, they are also enjoying the beautiful world of education. Like this, the people with leg problems can easily travel with their self-controlled wheelchairs, deaf people can hear using the tech gadgets, blind people can easily navigate using the smart wearables, and the use of technology to the people with disabilities is almost limitless.
  • Technology simplifies teacher’s work: As already mentioned, nowadays kids are extremely affectional to the tech gadgets than the textbooks. So, utilizing the same, teachers can easily communicate with them without a teacher-student gap. They can conduct online whiteboards, prepare presentations on the classroom, collect information from Wikipedia or other online sources. So, technology can positively affect the teaching system.
  • Made life easier by all means: It wasn’t that easy to travel a 100 KM in the last century as it is now. It wasn’t possible to step on the moon before centuries. It wans’t even thinkable to send messages over air before few decades. So, by all means, the technology had made the human life easier like never before.

Disadvantages of Technology

The disadvantages of technology in human life is one of the most important things to discuss. Even if the technology reached at its peak, it still lacks to fix some serious issues such as pollution and health issues (as shown in the above picture.) But, here we listed some the most important cons of technology.

  • Not 100% Safe: The inability to provide 100% safety is a disadvantage of technology in society. While the physical files and stacks of papers turned into just some 1’s and 0’s inside the chip, all gone incredibly easy to manage and transfer. At the same time, it became comparatively easier to steal them also. Hackers and Spammers are always trying to steal sensitive information from everyone’s devices as well as from big companies. We’ve already heard a countless number of cyber attacks, so it is not hidden that technology is insecure.
  • We are not always connected: Can anyone tell we will be always connected over the phone or on the internet? No. Even a small rain or thunder can distract our communication. But Yes, there are some technologies which are not often disturbed. But they too will get disconnected at some point.
  • Affected social life: The impact of the technology in social life is not that neglectable. It had both advantages and disadvantages in our social life. Technology virtually connected the people from distant locations through the social medias and disconnected them from the family and neighbors.
  • Distraction in the classroom: Technology has a lot of advantages in the educational system. But one of the most irritating disadvantages is the ability of the students to make them useful for the non-educational purpose. With the modern smartphones, they can play games and surf their favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. in classrooms. If they use technology for entertainment purposes in the classroom, it won’t do any good. But, it can be controlled by setting specific limitations to their devices or by providing customized devices from the school.
  • Technology is expensive: While talking about the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education, it is a must to discuss the cost-effectiveness of the modern tech gadgets. Even there are a lot of iPads and Laptops on the market; the bitter truth is that most of them are not affordable for the normal or middle-class people. Like that, expensive tech stuff is also intangible to the basic schools.  This leads to inequality in the educational system while the wealthy schools with higher funds have smart classrooms with a lot of tech gadgets. It is nevertheless to say that it also affect non-educational sectors.
  • Needs additional Training: It is a fact that there are still people who need training in order to make use of the tech stuff. Especially when it comes to the educational system, students and teachers have to take additional training in order to keep with the latest technology. This result in the difficulty of adaptation the high-tech educational system.
  • Affected the nature: This is one of the worst disadvantages of technology in human life. The factories and modern devices polluted all of the water, soil, and air to a great extent. Even the factories produce useful stuff to the human; it hurts the earth and its eco-system to a great extent.

If you wanted an advantages of technology essay or disadvantages of technology essay, this article can help you with it. Never again search for “advantages and disadvantages of technology Wikipedia” in Google. Just reach here and find out what you need.

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