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Screenshot Ultimate Review

Screenshot Ultimate is a screenshot application for Android developed by the Ice Cold Apps. Screenshot Easy is another product from the same developers which we recently reviewed. Screenshot Ultimate is nothing less than the Screenshot Easy. With all the functions incorporated, this is a perfect app for Android to take screenshot. Its clean and easy to use interface is always an advantage to the beginners.

After testing the Screenshot Ultimate for several hours, we found it one of the great apps for the screenshot purposes. So, we have decided to present a review of the application to our readers.  Like in any other review that we have published, you will get the complete understanding of the application and its functions. So, here is the Screenshot Ultimate review.

Screenshot Ultimate Interface

The best thing about this application is its easy to use and yet simple interface. There are no unnecessary animations, background images, or anything which could impact the app performance negatively. The only thing we found a little disturbing is the ads placed at the bottom of the application. But if you could ignore that, there is nothing else to be worried of. It has one of the finest interfaces out there, especially for the simplicity lovers.

While opening the app is itself, it will show you a quick overview of the application and how to start using it. To take a screenshot, all you have to do is tapping the “Take Screenshot” button placed at the top of the interface. It will minimize the application, and all you have to do is pressing the shortcut to take the screenshot which might be the “Volume Down + Power” buttons.

After the screenshot has been taken, it will automatically show the screenshot with some buttons. The screen will look like this.

You could either edit it or share it with your friends directly. To know more about the Screenshot Ultimate app for Android, continue reading the article.

Screenshot Ultimate Features

Screenshot Ultimate is packed with full of features but put under specific areas of the application. Even though the interface is quite easy, few beginners may find it difficult to access the advanced functions of the software such as Triggers, and Editing screen. If you are interested in exploring the application further, the following features section will help you to do so.

Very Easy to Take Screenshots

Using the Screenshot Ultimate, it is extremely easy to take a screenshot. If you configured the application correctly, and you own a rooted Android device, there is nothing else you have to do other than tapping the “Take Screenshot” button at the top. It will immediately minimize the application. Then you can navigate to the place where you have to capture the screenshot. After that, just press the screenshot shortcut of your device and it will capture the screenshot as usual. But the only difference is that, instead of displaying a flashing screen, it will take you to the Screenshot Ultimate app.

Like you saw in the above images, you could directly share the screenshot or edit it with the numerous available tools and filters. Predefining the settings can completely customize the usage of the app. Even if it looks like a very simple application, it has plenty of functions inside.

Numerous Editing Options

After taking the screenshots, you could edit them as per your requirements right from the Screenshot Ultimate. You can add text, apply effects and filters, add extra information on the image file, switch colors, and even draw something yourself. It is an average editor with nothing more or less. You can depend on it for the basic editing purposes and not for the professional image editing. After making changes, you can save it and find it in the gallery of the app.

Plenty of Effects

The editor is coming with plenty of effects to edit the screenshots and make them exactly how you wanted it. The effects include Grayscale, Sepia, Black and White, Alien, Gray Tint, Infrared, Invert, Posterize, Solarize, etc. You could apply any one of them to your screenshots to make it look better. It is very helpful to edit the captured screenshots without having to use a professional photo editing tool.

Screenshot Gallery

Screenshot Ultimate has its own gallery which let you organize, edit, and share your screenshots easily. Every time after taking a screenshot using the app, it will automatically add it to the “Screenshots” section of the app. Then you can edit the screenshots or share them directly from the gallery on the application.


The Screenshot Ultimate is coming with a hell lot of triggers which enables numerous extra functions on the app. Just tap on the “Triggers” button on the main interface, and you can see the magic yourself. Some of the triggers including Enable overlay button trigger, Enable folder listener trigger, Enable shake trigger, Enable notification icon click trigger, etc. You could check the check boxes as per your intentions and requirements.

Highly Customizable

Last but not least, the Screenshot Ultimate app is extremely customizable. Especially with the triggers, you could completely control the functions of the application and its working. While many other popular screenshot apps for Android will not let you control such functions, the Screenshot Ultimate is different.


  • Simple interface
  • Very fast
  • Its own gallery
  • Free to use
  • Numerous triggers
  • Built-in screenshot editor


  • Some users may find the interface unattractive
  • Contain ads

Verdict of the Screenshot Ultimate App

Screenshot Ultimate is a simple app which let you easily take screenshots on your Android devices. With its unique functions such as triggers and a built-in editor, it could fulfill any of the user’s screenshot capture needs. The only drawback we found so far is the ads which display at the bottom. If you don’t hesitate to help the developers by viewing the ads, there is no reason for you to hesitate to try this handy screenshot application. You could download the app from the button given below.

Download Screenshot Ultimate

  • User-Interface
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money

Screenshot Ultimate Summary

Screenshot Ultimate is an easy to use screenshot application which is enough for the basic screenshot needs.

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