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Screenshot App Review (Developer: Lovekara)

Screenshot is an app developed by the Lovekara team which allows users to easily take screenshots on their Android smartphones. It is one of the best snapshot applications available for Android. Users will be able to take, edit, and organize the screenshots effortlessly using this handy application. An advanced image editor and preview system are sweetening the features while the user-friendly interface adds to the performance. For those who need a perfect screenshot app with minimal resource usage, the Lovekara screenshot app might be the best choice.

Do not get confused by the app name “Screenshot.” There are numerous applications with the same name but different developers. So, always make sure that the developer of the application is correct.

After testing the application and found it useful for the day-to-day screen capture needs, we’ve decided to present a review of the app to our readers. In this review, we will be analyzing the features and functionalities of the tool, and we will provide a final verdict on the product. So you can easily decide whether to try it or not. Without wasting time, let’s have a look at it. Here is the Screenshot app review.

Screenshot App Interface

The Screenshot app has a very simple interface where nothing else than three simple buttons can be seen. The “Start Capture” button will let you take screenshots of your device, the “Images” button will bring you to the screenshot gallery, and the “More apps” button will list some extra applications from the Lovekara. As you can see, the app shows few advertisements at the bottom of the screen, but that doesn’t affect the user-experience at all. Overall, the main interface is quite good on this app.

To take a screenshot, you just have to press the default shortcuts of your smartphone which might be the Volume down + Power buttons. It may vary according to the device manufacturer. For example, on Samsung devices, the shortcut to capture the Android screen is Home + Power buttons. Once you take a screenshot, the Screenshot application will automatically launch with its editor screen where you can make necessary changes to the taken image. It is a quite good editor with all basic functions like adding text, cropping the image, etc.

All in all, the Screenshot App from Lovekara has a quite impressive user-interface. Very simple, easy to use, and user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about using the application.

Screenshot App Features

As you can see in the above short tutorial on using this application, there are numerous features to this app. We listed some of the most noticeable features of the screenshot app in this section. Having a look at it will give you a better idea about it.

Easy Way to Take Screenshots

Screenshot app provides an easy way to take and edit screenshots using the default shortcuts. You just have to press the shortcuts as mentioned above and the application will automatically launch the editor by fetching the taken screenshot. You could either save it after making the necessary changes or simply discard it and go for another take. It is upto you whether to save it or not. In addition, you can take a screenshot by touching the shot icon too. You could control the icon from the settings screen of the app.

Preview the Screenshot Before Saving it

Like already mentioned, the application let you preview the taken screenshots before saving it to your smartphone storage. You could either directly save them to the predefined folder (which can be configured from the settings) or can make changes and then save. The preview functionality is really helpful because by default, the screenshot will be saved to the smartphone and no preview will be available. Every time you have to reach the screenshot folder and manually preview it.

An Image Editor

The Screenshot Android app also has a built-in screenshot editor which lets you edit and save the taken screenshots. After capturing an image of your screen in Android, the application will automatically launch the editor. The editor is power-packed with the functions such as cropping, adding text, a drawing tool, sharing function, etc. You can use different colors on the texts and drawings to make your screenshot as you want. But, it has no advanced functions to compete with a professional image editing app.

Share the Screenshots

If you want to share the screenshots with your friends and family members or with anyone on the social medias, you could do that from the app itself. You don’t have to reach the screenshots folder each time and share the screenshots from there. The app can help you to do this easily from the app itself. It supports any social media websites, emailing systems, etc. to share your screenshots.

Configure the Settings your Own

You can configure the screen capture settings from the Screenshot app. You can set the screenshot saving folder, the screenshot icon visibility, notification icon, etc. as well as changing the app skin to different ones. This allows the users to have a customized experience on the application.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Shortcut icon
  • Default screenshot shortcuts
  • Preview and edit the screenshots
  • Can share the screenshots


  • Editor lacks some advanced features

Verdict of the Screenshot App by Lovekara

The Screenshot app is very easy to use and has no difficult functions inside. Even beginners can utilize the application to capture screenshots on their Android devices without any difficulties. There are all the basic functionalities in the application which lets you easily take screenshots, edit them, and save it as per your requirements. There is no additional controls or shortcuts to take the screenshots. So, it is worthy to give a try.

If you are interested in this free screenshot application and has no problems in viewing few ads, you could download it from the link given below. Give a try to it and let us know your thoughts on the app. It will help other readers to get a better idea regarding the Screenshot app by Lovekara.

Screenshot App Review
  • User-Interface
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money

Screenshot App Summary

Screenshot by Lovekara is a good application to take screenshots on your Android smartphones. It has a bunch of useful features to make the job quick and easy.

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