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Screenshot: Screen Grabber Review

There aren’t many good apps for taking screenshots on Android. But the Screen Grabber app is something different. It has a great set of features for letting users print Android screen with the maximum possible quality. It is developed by the JaredCo team who already contribute a lot to the Android industry. It is completely free to use and will not only help to capture screenshots but also let you share them with your friends and colleagues. So that you no longer need to upload the taken screenshots to an online storage and share the link to that file.

Screen Grabber lets users take screenshots of any part of the Android OS. Either on Google Maps or on a website, you could easily capture the display using this handy app. There are numerous options to share it from the Screen Grabber itself. You could even directly mail it to your friends easily. Like any other screenshot applications, this one also automatically saves the pictures to a folder. You could easily organize them from the app like a file manager.

As we’ve found the Screen Grabber as one of the most popular apps for taking screenshots and we personally felt good with the first use, we’ve decided to thoroughly review it on our website. We will be looking into the features and functions of the application. We will also provide a final verdict on the app which will let you take a quick decision. So, let’s begin the Screen Grabber Review.

There are a lot of tools with the same name. In this article, we are referring the term “Screen Grabber” to the Android application. So, don’t get confused. Visit the link given at the end of this article to know more about it and install it on your Android smartphone.
The app will utilize the default Android screenshot shortcuts which we described in our previous article. So, you don’t have to learn anything extra to start using this app.

Screen Grabber App Interface

Screen Grabber Interface

There is nothing special about the interface of the Screen Grabber screenshot app. All you can do in this app is capturing some beautiful screenshots and share it with your friends using different methods such as Bluetooth, Google Drive, Pinterest, Aviary, Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox, etc. You just have to take the screenshots, and it will automatically appear on the application. There you could organize and share the pictures using any of the above-listed methods.

The user-interface is very catchy but implemented in the simplest form. You can capture almost anything showing up on the Android screen. Pictures, maps, tools, contacts, app icons, addresses and almost anything could be captured and shared. So, while talking about the user interface of the Screen Grabber app, it does deserve an install on your lovely Android tablet or smartphone.

Screenshot: Screen Grabber Features

Like any other Android screen grab apps, the Screen Grabber also power packs some useful features and functions. Here we will list some of the most useful features of the app which we found will be beneficial for the users. To get a better idea about it, read the below sections.

Take screenshots from almost anywhere on the device

There are no limitations for taking screenshots on this app. You could take it from any corner of your device without having to setup anything extra. Capture an app window or a part of the web browser. You can capture almost anything on your android screen. However, we felt a little lag while capturing high-end games. But not continuously. Happened only a few times. For a free application with such good features, it is not a big problem to take into account.

Share screenshots in numerous methods

Share Screenshot on ScreenGrabber

You could share the taken pictures in almost all methods possible. It include the basis sharing functions such as Bluetooth sharing, Emailing, etc. to directly uploading to the Google Drive, posting to the Facebook, and pinning on Pinterest. The sharing functions are much appreciable on the Screen Grabber. We felt no lags during the sharing procedure, and everything went well.

No extra setup or guidance needed

To use the Screen Grabber, there are no extra skills needed. Even taking the screenshots are by utilizing the default screen capture shortcuts for Android. If you missed our previous article on capturing display on Android, it is better to check it out before continue reading. The taken screenshots will be automatically saved as “Screen Grabs” and can be managed from the app. So nothing to worry about setting up or using the application on your Android devices.

CallerID feature

Caller ID feature on Screen Grabber

This is an additional feature built-in on the Screen Grabber which is not directly related to any screenshot functions. It will let users know the details of the unknown numbers. It will show call information during/after calls for identifying the caller. We still don’t understand why they included this feature on Screen Grabber. Anyhow, it is a good feature beneficial for some users.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Minimal functions
  • Numerous sharing options
  • Completely Free


  • Nothing special to notice

User reviews of the Screen Grabber

Below is the screenshot of the user reviews of the Screen Grabber taken from the play store. It will give you an honest idea of what users really think about the application. Have a look.


After having a thorough check on the Screen Grabber screenshot app for Android, we’ve found it as one of the best tools to capture and share screenshots on Android tablets and smartphones. No matter how experienced you are with the Android screen saving, you will definitely find this helpful. The interface itself is simple and has nothing complicated to notice. The performance is also very satisfying except few lags during the screenshots on high-end fullscreen games.

If you would like to install it on your device, you could do that from the link given below. Is there is anything more we should include in this Screen Grabber Review? If so, please let us know through your opinions.

Download Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber Review
  • Design
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Value for Money

Screen Grabber Summary

Screenshot : Screen Grabber is one of the best apps for taking and screenshots on Android. It has all the features like a professional application with a user-friendly interface.

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