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How to Record Games on PC/Playstation/Xbox/Android/iOS

Ever wondered what do Youtubers use to record games? How do they save gameplays throughout a game for uploading to the video streaming sites such as Youtube? If you are eager to know the answer, this article is for you.

There are several methods to record gameplay depending on the console or system you are playing games on. For example, the steps to capture games on the PC is different from that of the Xbox or Playstation consoles. In this article, we will list almost all of the possible methods for game recording in detail.

We will use many game recording software as well as apps for the purpose. If you don’t have any previous experience on how to use such screen recorder programs, be sure to at least give them a try before reading this article. Without explaining too much, let’s directly look at the methods to record a game in different platforms such as PC, Android, iOS, Xbox, Playstation, etc.

Record Games on PC/Windows

Windows game recording is quite easy when compared to other platforms. There are numerous methods to record games on PC with or without software. But most of the professional gamers utilize the software such as Action! for recording purposes. As they allow numerous additional functions apart from just recording the game, we recommend going for the screen recorder software for recording game screen in Windows PC.

Using Windows 10 Game DVR and Game Bar

Unlike the previous Windows versions, the Windows 10 has a built-in tool namely Windows 10 game DVR which is an Xbox technology which allows recording videos while playing games. It simply put a Windows 10 game bar on the gaming interface when the Windows+G keys together.

In some cases, the Windows game bar may not appear in fullscreen games. In such situations, just switch into the window mode. You can find the game bar there. It may also prompt the action to confirm whether you accidently pressed the shortcut or not. Confirm it if prompted. The windows game bar will look like this.

In the game bar, you can see the icons for recording and controlling the Xbox application. Use the Windows key+Alt+R shortcut to start or stop recording. You could change the recording settings as well. It is extremely easy to utilize this tool. In addition, you will be also able to take screenshots using the game bar. Just use the screenshot icon. So, just give it a try.

Using game recorders

There are numerous screen recorder software out there. Most of them will allow you to record the gaming too. The perfect examples of some game recorders are Action! and Shadowplay (If you are using a Nvidia GPU.)

Record Gameplay on Playstation

Playstation is one of the best gaming consoles out there. With its elegance to provide seamless gaming experience, it has been used by millions of gamers worldwide. No matter how aged you are or how young, if you are a gamer, you should give a try to the PS4 or the earlier in the series.

Coming to the matter, to record the gameplay on a Playstation, you could utilize any of the following methods. It varies based on your Playstation version and the available resources.

Record gameplay on PS4 using an HDMI cable

For this method to work, you should have an HDMI cable and the capture card. If you don’t have them, skip this method.
  1. Connect your Playstation 4, HDMI cable, and capture card to the computer.
  2. Turning on the PS4 will project it on your computer screen.
  3. Now, download and install any of the screen recorder software.
  4. As everything on the PS4 is visible on your computer, recording the computer monitor will capture your gameplay.

Record PS4 game without capture card (using Controller)

If you don’t have a capture card, it is recommended to go with this method. It doesn’t require any additional resources or cables. We are going to use the built-in Playstation functionality for the gameplay recording.

  1. Turn on PS4.
  2. Open the game that you need to record.
  3. Press the Share button twice to start the game recording. You will be notified by an animation saying the recording has been started.
  4. Once you want to stop the recording, long press the same Share button.
  5. To save the recorded clip, press the Save Video Clip button (a square button on the game controller.) Now save it to any external storage devices.

Capture Games on Xbox

Just like the Playstation, the Xbox is also a tough gaming console. If you own an Xbox and want to start capturing the awesome gaming moments, these are the methods which you should follow.

Record with Kinect

Kinect is a Microsoft Xbox feature which allows communication between the player and the device without an intermediate controller. It is extremely easy to use this feature to start recording the gameplay. Just say “Xbox, Record That.” That’s it, the Xbox will automatically save the last 30-seconds of gameplay.

This is an awesome feature to help the people who want to record small and awesome moments of their gameplay. For example, if you are playing the FIFA 17 or the PES 2017 and you scored a brilliant goal. Immediately say the magic words and your awesome goal will be saved on your console.

Record using the Controller

In older versions of the Xbox, the Kinect is not there to help you. So, you have to utilize your game controller in order to save the gameplay. To do this, just double-tap the Xbox One home button on the controller, then press X. In most of the cases, this might work. However, some users reported that their consoles have some problems in accepting the shortcut. So, try it few times before you skip this method.

Record Xbox gameplay using the smartphone

Xbox One SmartGlass app is a nice application available for several smartphone platforms. This is the Android version and this is the iOS version. Download and install it on your smartphone. Then login to the application using your Xbox Live credentials. After that, link the console through the application. After linking your console, it will be visible on the app. Just press Connect button and select your console. That’s it.

When you play any games on the console, the app will show a record button. Tapping on it will start the game capture.

For this method to work, both your smartphone and the Xbox console should be on the same network and connected to the internet.

Record a Game on Android

When coming down to the Android gaming, there are several screenshot apps available for the purpose. But few of them may not support fullscreen recording or the in-game recording functionality. If so, follow any one of the methods listed below.

Using Google Play Games

Google recently added a Google Play record feature to the Google Play Games. It allows recording any game screen installed from the play store. To start enjoying this feature hidden in your android phone,

  1. Open Google Play Games app (install it if you don’t have it.)
  2. Go to the My Games option in the menu.
  3. Navigate to the Installed tab.
  4. Tap on any game that you want to record.
  5. You will see a Red recording button near the play icon.
  6. Tap on it, and select the recording quality 720p HD or 480p SD.
  7. Your recorded clip will be saved to the “Screencasts” folder.
If you don’t see the Record button in the Google Play Games, it means Google hasn’t enabled the feature in your location. But you could expect it soon.

Using Android Applications

There are several android applications like Screen Grabber or other dedicated game record apps to start capturing your gaming sessions.

Game Recording on iOS

iOS devices are not that good for serious gaming purposes. But yes, if you wish, you could enjoy games on it without any problems. When you expertise in any game and want to start uploading your gameplay to the Youtube, you might have to take a look at these steps.

Using ReplayKit (On supported games only)

If you have an iOS 9 or later powered devices in hand, you are lucky enough to record the gameplay in an easy manner. ReplayKit is a function which allows game developers to integrate the screen capture or recording ability to their games. If they have included it in the game build, you will be able to see the recording button anywhere in the game. This is just a possibility. But luckily few of the most popular games comes with this feature built-in.

Record Game Screen Using iOS Applications

Like Android, iOS also has numerous screen recorder apps to help you in the process. Few good examples are Screenshot Maker Pro, Screenshot Journal, Screenshot – Frame Maker, etc.

It wasn’t so difficult to record games. Was it?

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