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pCloud Review: The Best Cloud storage for Business

Cloud storage services are always a necessity to store our data online. With an exceptionally fast and reliable cloud server, you will be able to store all the important information safely without worrying about a PC crash or data loss. No need to step into the further data recovery procedures, if you already have your data backed up in the cloud storage. They are very helpful even to store your favorite music to the highly confidential business documents.

pCloud is such a cloud storage service which provides cloud services to its business class customers. With upto 20GB of free cloud storage upon signup, the service is still one of the best. So, after receiving too many review requests from our readers, we have decided to present a complete review of the pCloud to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the service.  Without explaining too much, here is the pCloud review.

What is pCloud

pCloud is a cloud storage solution to store your data online. With various cloud storage options ranging from the free service to the premium business care, pCloud has been serving the customers for quite a long time. It allows accessing your files anywhere, anytime, for any reason as you like. Either in your laptop, or mobile devices, accessing the pCloud and its files are extremely easy. It can be accessed from all popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc.

pCloud Features

While talking about the pCloud cloud solution, we should always look into its various features and functions. So, we handpicked some of the best features of the pCloud which makes it one of the best in the industry. So, have a look at these pCloud features.

A Perfect Virtual Drive on your Device

pCloud creates an exact clone of your cloud drive on your computer without consuming any storage space on your device. To transfer any files from and to the cloud, all you have to do is dragging and dropping them between your device and the cloud. With fast transfer speeds, the files will be transferred as quick as possible without any loss in the quality or size. It creates a virtual drive on your system which is very helpful for determining which files to transfer and which not.

Extreme Security to the Files

pCloud has extreme security measures to protect your files from being stolen or damaged. It utilizes the TLS/SSL encryption during the transmission to ensure the smooth flow of your files without any leakage. In addition to the basic security measures, pCloud also has an advanced security option called “pCloud Crypto” which can be added to your basic plan. This is optional and only necessary if you are a business which stores some highly important stuff on the cloud.

Easy File Management

Using pCloud, users will be able to organize and manage their files very easily. The user-friendly interface makes it possible for you to easily copy, move, and delete your files as per your requirements. Like already said, you don’t have to log in to the pCloud website everytime you want to delete or make changes to a file. Just open the virtual drive on your device and make necessary changes to that. The changes will take effect on the actual cloud drive automatically. Make sure that you are connected to the internet while making the changes and organizing the files.

Various Sharing Options

You can share your files on the cloud directly by inviting people to that specific file or sharing the download link to them. For added security, you can set the permissions on each and every access. You could decide to let the person view the document or give access to edit them. This makes it possible for you to share multiple files with various permissions as per your needs. In many cloud storage services, there is only an option to generate download links. But in pCloud, other users can also upload files directly to the cloud using the generated links.

Fast Transfer Speeds

The pCloud transfer speeds were satisfying. When choosing a perfect cloud solution, it is always important to look at the transfer speeds. It is mandatory to have a decent download/upload speed in the cloud to complete the transfer process efficiently and effectively. So, we thoroughly analyzed and tested the download/upload speed of the pCloud. As already said, the transfer speeds were good that we were able to transfer Gigabytes of files within a matter of minutes. But it definitely depends on your internet connection too.

Remote File Transfer

Apart from the normal file transfer and the file sharing features, the pCloud developers also included the remote file transfer feature on the pCloud. Remote file transfer let you directly transfer files between the servers without having to download them to your device and upload them again. This is very effective in case you want to transfer a huge file from your cloud to another server. One example for the remote file transfer is, suppose you want to download a big video file from Youtube but you have a slow internet connection, all you have to do is copying the video URL and pasting it on the cloud. Your file will be transferred instantly, and you can download them to the local storage whenever you can.

Compatible with All Popular Platforms

pCloud is compatible with almost any platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, etc. as well as the devices such as Computers, Smartphones, and Tablets. There are apps available for the Android and iOS platforms while there is software for the Windows and Mac OS.

Good Support Team

pCloud has a very supportive team that dedicated to supporting the customers all the time. We tested their service by generating fake problems, and they helped us most of the time. The response is very quick, so we never had to wait for long to solve our problems. So, yes, they have a quite good customer care department.


  • Fast transfer rates
  • Different plans which are affordable
  • User-friendly support and interface
  • Remote file transfer
  • Good support team


  • Nothing special to mention as a con

Verdict of the pCloud Review

pCloud is a very good cloud storage service which deserves a try. If you are impressed by the features listed above, you could give it a try by following the link given at the bottom of this article. It is a good cloud solution to securely store your files online. The transfer speeds are good, it has a good support team, the security is high class, the price is affordable. Then why shouldn’t give it a try?

pCloud Review
  • Quality of the Service
  • Features
  • Transfer Speed
  • Value for Money
  • Support

pCloud Summary

If you are in search of a speedy, secure, reliable cloud service, pCloud is a good solution to consider.

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