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Modern Technology Gadgets you should Try

Modern Technology advanced to its extreme. The modern technology gadgets are the best examples to understand the rapid advancement in the technology over the years. If you are a technology lover, you might also be loving the modern tech gadgets. From the underwater drones to the advanced robots are all making the human life entertainable as well as effortless.

So, we have decided to write an article on the latest tech gadgets which made the old technology look ashamed. In this article, we will be listing the most advanced modern technology inventions which are new to the tech world. So, let’s have a look.

Best Modern Technology Gadgets

There is no specific order for this list of hot gadgets. We will expand the list as new interesting modern technology gadgets arrive on the market.

PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

How would it be if you got an underwater drone to go fishing underwater? Would be nice right? Here is the PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone which not only allows to fish under the depth of around 30 meters but will also let you record 4K videos of the beautiful sea creatures. It has an inbuilt sonar-like system which can identify any nearby fish moving under around 40 meters of depth.

For the unsatisfied people, this modern technology robotics brand also provides VR goggles which you can use to control the robot by looking around. Anyhow, the modern technology has even impacted the fishing world. So, go fishing.

HP Sprout G2 3D-scanning PC

HP is a brand which always amazed the users with its unique products and ideas. This time, they are up with an integrated 2D/3D scanner which lets users scan 3d objects! Yes, just place your doll on the scanning surface and follow the onscreen instructions. You will end up in an exact copy of the 3D model on your computer screen.

This is extremely useful for the 3D modeling and CGI designers to make their tasks super-easy. The stylus enabled touch screen functionality duplicates the screen on the mat to make it even simpler to control the printed objects on the screen. When talking about the modern technology products, this one should be on the list.

Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Anyways we are stepping into the feature with new gadgets and tech inventions. So, why don’t we rethink the sleeping style? Sleep Number 360 smart bed is nothing less than a virtual sleeping assistant which can adjust as per your sleep position, reduce your snoring sound, and even control the temperature. In short, it can make sure that you will complete your 8-hour sleeping cycle or more without jumping out of bed to sleep well.

The company also provides a mobile app where the users will be able to control the features of the bed as per their requirements. If your bed is not that smart, it is the time to replace it with the Sleep Number 360 smart bed.

Moen’s U connected shower

For those who tired of pressing the shower buttons and heating the water manually, Moen is here with a smart technology which apparently looks like something futuric. It lets users to pre-heat the water, set showering time, and control the overall showering experience. The Moen’s U connected shower is coming with an application which you can utilize to inform the system when to turn ON and turn off the shower. It even notifies you when the shower is ready.

If you are engaged in some other tasks, it will automatically pause the shower and wait for your to resume. The lifetime warranty on the product lets you buy it and fix the problems for free.

Hypersuit VR-similitude exoskeleton

For those who likes cool tech gadgets, the Hypersuit VR similitude exoskeleton is a dream. Ever wanted to fly between the sea and sky? Ever wanted to skydive without really being skydiving? Here is the answer. This virtual simulator lets you fly virtually and make you feel like you are flying. With the hand controlled mechanism, you will feel the joy in your entire body. The VR headset puts the environment right in front of your eyes.

You can’t really pretend to be flying while you are on your chair right? That’s why the developers designed the product like a surface where you have to lay down on your belly (Just like you were flying.) So, fly over the sea and try to catch some birds.

Hubble Hugo anger-management robot

Yes, you read it right. This new tech or simply a webcam automatically recognize the facial expressions of people and act as a stress reliever by turning on Music, a Fan or an Audiobook. To be honest, I don’t think a device can control the anger of a real man. But rethinking the same, who will be able to get angry while listening to some titanic love songs? That’s the whole idea behind this robotic webcam which could be placed just like a regular web camera.

The auto rotation design will follow your face once it is recognized. So that you don’t have to be sitting in front of your computer in order to get this device working.

Airbar for touchless MacBooks

For the touch screen lovers who owns a Macbook, the Airbar is a blessing. It is just a rectangular bar which could be placed at the bottom border of your Mac screen. Connecting the provided cable to the port will bring the magic of touch right on your device. There are no additional devices needed to make the Airbar work. As per the company, the device can let you control almost all operations of your Macbook such as scrolling, swiping, drawing, etc.

The lightweight design is the main attraction of the Airbar. Instead of having a complete covering over the screen, it is just like a stick. So, turn your Macbook into a touch device with this amazing new tech gadget.

Razer Project Valerie portable video wall

Happy news for the gamers who often utilize multiple monitors to play an FPS. The Razer Project Valerie is focusing on providing 3 screens on a single laptop! As you can see in the video given above, the product comprises of 3 different displays inside the LID stacked all together. The automated launching system will pull the extra two displays to both sides to build an extended display setup.

The project is still undergoing development and hopefully will be launched sooner. As per the latest reports, a single laptop with this latest tech will weigh around 5.4 kg.

Polaroid Pop funky instaprint camera

I think you still remember that old technology camera which instantly prints your photos without needing an extra printer. The Polaroid Pop funky instaprint camera is a rethink with the same idea of printing the photos real-time. Utilizing the latest Zink photo paper, the device will not need any color refill. You just have to load the sticky Zink paper to the Polaroid Pop funky, take some photos, and print it to stick anywhere.

As per the company, the photo paper used is water and dust proof making your photos last longer than the usual photos. Apart from just a camera with 20.0 MP resolution, it can connect with your smartphone, transfer photos from and to the device, and even accept an SD card. So, if you were a fan of that old photo printing camera, you should consider buying this product which will be priced around $200.

Honda self-balancing motorcycle

Here we are with one of the best gadgets for men. The Honda self-balancing motorcycle. As the name itself says, the motorcycle will balance itself without any human effort. This will make it possible to relax your feet on the bike itself without having to hold the vehicle on your feet. If you still don’t believe me, just watch the video given above.

It is not just a self-balancing scooter but also a personal robotic pet which follows you wherever you want. It can even balance itself in a still position without any movements. This technology expected to save thousands of lives from road accidents.

Did you like these future gadgets? Let us know your thoughts.

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