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How to Fix “Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items” Error in SSL

Ever saw an error like “Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items” while trying to browse the SSL pages either your own or others? Is it showing the warning each time which makes you waste your time frequently? If so, this article is for you.

The “Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items” error in SSL pages occurs due to the few resources used on that page is coming from the HTTP version instead of the HTTPS. This happens mostly when migrating from the HTTP to HTTPS and few or most of the contents are still serving from the non-secured website.

In some of the cases, the problem may also occur due to some external resources serving the content from the non-secured version. In such cases, you should either stop using any of the services from those websites or try to fix the issue on a PC level. Either way, we can fix the “Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items” error without sweating much. Here are the methods to do so.

Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items Fix

The first four methods are useful if you want to fix the problem on your own website so that no one else will experience the same problem on your site. In the last method, we described how you could fix the Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items error on a PC or browser level. Remember that, this will not fix the problem on any other computer without doing the same tweaks.

1. Check if the files are served from HTTPS

After migrating the SSL, you should serve all the content from the HTTPS version. For this, inspect the elements of your web pages using a browser and see the URL of the sources. For example, for an image, the code should look something like this.

<img src="" alt="" />

If it is being served from the HTTP version, you should change the resource URLs.

2. Change all links to //

Similar to the method described above, you could simply add // in the URL of the resources in order to make it automatically select the version.

<img src="//" alt="" />

3. Make the links relative

If the resource that makes problem is served from the same domain, you could simply use the resource name like shown below.

<img src="image.jpg" alt="" />

4. Fix mixed content on WordPress

If you are using a WordPress website and has the Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items error, there is a very simple fix for you. Just download and install the SSL insecure content fixer plugin from the WordPress repository and configure it as per the steps provided in the plugin documentation. It is extremely easy to configure and nothing difficult at all.

5. Change the browser settings on PC level

Here comes the last method which fixes the Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items problem in most of the cases. In other words, if you just want to avoid the problem without getting deeply into it, this one is the best option.

  1. Search “Internet Options” in the search box on start.
  2. Click on the “Internet Options.”
  3. Navigate to the Security Tab.
  4. Click the Custom Level button.
  5. A new window will open up. Scroll down and find an option namely “Display mixed content.”
  6. In the radio button under that option, select Enable.
  7. Click OK. If you get a security warning, click Yes.

Page Contains Secure and Nonsecure Items problem is fixed now and you can continue browsing the website or any other website without receiving this annoying error. If you are still facing the problem and need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We will be always happy to assist you.

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