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How to Call Anonymously

Calling anonymously allows you to hide your personal information and the mobile number from showing up on the recipient’s phone. This way, you can call anyone without getting your identity disclosed. For example, if you want to be a little naughty to your friend but without him/her knowing that this is you calling, hiding your identity on the phone call is the best option. Apart from this, this can also be helpful in critical condition. However, anonymous calling is always helpful for several needs.

Never call anyone anonymously for any bad purposes. Even if the calls are anonymous, still you can get caught by the government officials. So, don’t try anything stupid. By calling anyone anonymously, you hold the complete responsibility of your actions. We do not recommend or support this in any way. This article is just for the informational purpose.

Make Anonymous Calls

There have been several discussions on how to call anonymously. Many suggested several different methods for it. So, we incorporated all of them at a single place so that our readers could benefit from it. Without further explanation, let’s directly have a look at it. Here are the methods to call anonymously.

Use a prepaid phone

If you want to many an anonymous call without using your mobile number, this is one of the best ways to consider. Simply visit the nearest market and find a prepaid phone. Make a call and pay for it. That’s it, no complications and you successfully made an unknown call to the person. Prepaid phones are very common in markets and stores. So, you can easily find them without doing any additional research. So, the next time you wanted to trick your friend, go to the market and find a prepaid phone.

Dial *67 as the prefix before the number

Addition *67 before the mobile number will make your call completely anonymous. It will hide all your personal information like name, mobile number, location, etc. from the receiver. Your call will show up on the recipient’s smartphone like “Unknown Caller” or “Block Caller ID.” But be aware that the mobile operators and the government officials can still listen to your calls. So, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, don’t use your mobile number for any bad purposes.

Use apps to make anonymous calls

There are several apps which serve the purpose of making anonymous calls to anyone. Anonym call is a good example. For us, it worked well, but some users are reporting that it doesn’t work. You could simply do a research about such applications which allows blocking the caller identity. They are very easy to use. You just have to install them on your device and make calls using the application. The rest will be done by the app to protect your call information.

Use websites which allow calling anonymously

Just like the applications, there are several free websites that allow calling. You can just visit such websites, input the mobile number, and make a call. But most of them have a time restriction like one minute or so. After the period, the call will be disconnected, and you will have to place a new call. Some examples of such websites include Globfone, Ghostcall, etc. There are also premium alternatives available which allow calling anonymously without any time limitations.

Call from a Payphone

Payphones were very common in the last decade. But now, they are hard to find. However, if you can find a Payphone in the market, you could use that for making a call. The recipient will get the number of the Payphone and can call back to this number. But it doesn’t disclose your identity. So, this is also an alternative option if any of the above methods don’t fit your needs.

Use Google Voice as a proxy number

Google Voice is a Google service which allows you to make phone calls and receive them. Apart from this, you could utilize this service as a proxy tunnel of your phone calls. This way, you will be able to hide all your personal caller information from the recipient. To get started with the Google Voice, you can follow the instructions here. But still, your calls get logged by Google. So, be careful and don’t do anything worse. Always be sure to use the service for good purposes.

Use Android settings to set your ID to unknown for outgoing calls (for Android users)

Most of the modern-day Android smartphones come with an option which allows you to simply turn it on and stop sending the caller information on outgoing calls. But your carrier should support this feature. To enable this, head over to the Settings of your device, find Call settings, and then find something saying Caller ID. Here you can enable the option to stop sending the caller ID.

Use the iOS feature to hide caller ID (for iOS users)

For the iOS users, the same option is available in the settings. The steps are pretty much similar but vary on different iOS versions. But most commonly, the steps are something like Settings >  Phone >  Show My Caller ID > slide the option to OFF. Like already said, the steps may slightly vary from version to version. So, make sure to spend a little more time on it in case you didn’t find it on the first try.

Change the caller ID settings in Windows phone (for Windows phone users)

Like Android and iOS devices, the Windows phone also comes with the same feature to prevent caller ID on outgoing calls. The steps for this will look something like this. Start > Settings > Phone > Caller ID > Provide my caller ID to > No One > Done. Like in the previous sections, the steps may slightly vary but will be almost similar.

Using the caller ID blocking will be effective only if your country’s rules and regulations allow it. Otherwise, the call carriers can still show your information in the recipient’s mobile number. We hope you successfully made an anonymous call to your friend. Have a nice day.

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