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Google Publisher Toolbar Not Working Fix

Google Publisher Toolbar is a Chrome extension that provides information regarding your AdSense account as well as creates in-site ad overlays. It provides information about the earnings of your account, the details of the ads displayed on a given website, and even the Google Analytics data of your web pages. All requires you to be signed into those services and give access to the toolbar to fetch data from them. In short, the Google Publisher Toolbar is a very useful extension provided by Google.

But, in some situations, the Google Publisher Toolbar may not work. The problems maybe different ones like the ad overlays not displaying, Error while fetching publisher data, the AdSense data is not shown, etc. But the solutions are almost same for all of them. So, we incorporated a useful guide for you to help you in fixing these problems as soon as possible. So, here is the methods to fix Google Publisher Toolbar not working problem.

If the overlay does not appear

In most of the situations, the problem with the Publisher Toolbar is that it is not displaying the overlay on ads. To not get fooled by the small toggle button at the bottom-right corner of the extension window, make sure that it is enabled. To check this, just click on the icon of the extension. It will display the details screen, and you can find the toggle button under a tag namely “Ad overlays.”

If it is not already turned on, turn it on and reload the webpage. Now, you should see the overlay over the ads displayed on the website which might look like this.

If the problem still exists even on your own websites. There are few more things you should be aware of. As per the company, the Google, if your ad code is nested within multiple iframes or if you are using a Supply-Side Platforms like third-party ad servers, yield managers, etc. for optimizing your ads, the Toolbar may misbehave like this.

Just for your information: Google Publisher Toolbar may not work with every ad slot, website, layouts, etc. In some cases, like a tricky design, or a wise website layout, the toolbar may find it difficult to implement the features like ad overlays. So, in such situations, any of the below-given solutions may not work. But the company is continually improving the toolbar and its feature to support any incompatible designs or layouts.

Google Publisher Toolbar not working error fix

If your problem is not the lack of ad overlays and is something like “Error while fetching publisher data,” here we handpicked some of the most effective ways you can get rid of the Google Publisher Toolbar not working error. You can also try this if your ad overlay problem doesn’t fixed by the above-given method.

Make sure that you signed into the services

In order to the Toolbar to work, you should be signed into the Google services such as AdSense, Doubleclick, and Google Analytics, as per your requirements. So, always make sure that you are currently signed into any required services before trying to access the toolbar features. You can enable certain services by clicking on them at the bottom of the toolbar. You will be given a window like this.

You can enable the services one by one by clicking on the “Enable” button next to each one. If you are signed into the services already, you will be signed into the toolbar automatically. If not, you will be taken to the login screen where you can proceed. After signing in, try reloading the web page and accessing the features.

Restart your browser

A simple browser restart can do wonders. Not only to solve Google Publisher Toolbar not working problem, but to fix almost any browser related issues, restarting is a good solution. It will clear any temporary glitches or problems to your browsing sessions either due to an extension incompatibility or due to any other unknown issues. So, if the above-given methods are not working for you, just try restarting the Google Chrome and see if the problem fixed or not. If not, continue to the following methods.

Update your browser to the latest version

All extensions are made and updated to support the latest browser versions. So, if you are using the latest version of the extension and an extremely old browser version, it may result in compatibility issues. So, make sure that you are running the latest version of the Chrome by going to Menu > Help > About Google Chrome. It will display the current version of the browser and will automatically check for any latest version. If there is a new version available, update it.

Disable/ Enable or Reinstall Google Publisher Toolbar

This is just a try. In rarest cases, the extension may cause problems itself. Either due to the incompatibility with the browser version or with any other sibling extensions, it may misbehave. So, try disabling and enabling the extension. If it is not fixing the problem, remove the extension by right clicking on the icon, go to the Google Publisher Toolbar Extension page, and add it to Chrome again. After adding the extension, make sure to sign in to the services and restart the browser. This method seems to be very effective to fix error while fetching publisher data problem. If the Google Publisher Toolbar extension not working, even after these many methods, try the next one.

Try disabling all other extensions

There are also chances for any other incorrectly coded or glitchy extensions to interrupt the smooth working of Google Publisher Toolbar. So, try disabling all of your Chrome extensions and enable the Google Publisher Toolbar alone. Then restart the browser and try accessing the toolbar again. If you finally fixed the problem, don’t enable all other extensions all of a sudden. Enable them one by one and find which extension causing compatibility issues with the toolbar. Once you find it, you can remove that specific extension and continue using the Publisher Toolbar.

Did this fix your Google Publisher Toolbar not working issue?

If yes, don’t forget to thank us through your valuable messages. If not, we suggest you to directly reach the Google support forums and post your questions there. You will get the solution for your issue either from a forum user or directly from a Google expert. So, good luck in fixing the Google Publisher Toolbar not working problem.

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