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Free Internet: How to Browse Internet for Free

Free internet is something much needed these days. If you are regularly recharging your mobile data or paying your ISP each month, you might be interested in getting free internet in your home or office. Years before, there were free data offers when taking a new Sim card which we all used to access free internet at least for a limited period. But, these days they are not providing such offers to the customers except few MBs in some holidays or festival seasons. So, that is not a hope anymore except for a few companies.

So, how to get free internet? This still remains a big question mark. To solve this issue, we researched a lot on the internet and found some great solutions to browse internet for free. We listed them below based on their relevancy which you should follow too.

Methods to Get Free Internet

Here are the most effective methods to get free internet.

Find a Public Wifi Hotspot

There are thousands of free Wifi hotspots all around the globe. So, if you are interested in enjoying free internet on your smartphone or tablet, you could visit any one of them and enjoy the free browsing session. To find a free public internet hotspot, you could either ask your friends or use some apps like WiFi finder which allows you to find free Wifi hotspots near you.

Visit Restaurants with Free Wifi

Recently we published an article on the restaurants that provide free Wifi internet access to the customers. Read that article to get a list of most popular restaurants that has a free internet connection. You just have to visit those outlets and search for the available networks. You will be given the list of Wifi connections which you can start using for completely free.

Search for Available Networks on Airports

If you are a frequent traveler, you might be in airports more often. If you don’t know, most of the international airports all around the globe provide free internet access to the travelers using their Wifi hotpots placed all over the place. Whenever you reach an airport, all you have to do is turning on the Wifi on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and searching for the available networks, then connecting to it.

Contact your ISP to Find Free Offers

How to get free internet at home without paying? The best answer to this question will be your Internet service provider. Most of the ISPs have some special offers for the customers, especially for the new customers. So, if you are new to some ISPs which means if you just took the connection from your ISP and you are unaware of the free internet offers, you could just contact them and ask if there are any free offers for you. Old customers can also try this to find free internet.

Use FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a well-known service for the free internet. They will provide you a device which you can use to access the internet anytime anywhere. The device will be completely free of cost for a limited period. After that, you may have to pay a deposit so that they can allow you to continue the service. This is a good way to enjoy free internet all over the place you go. In addition to this free service, they also do have paid internet plans. You can upgrade to that any time as you want.

Use NetZero

NetZero is another service which you want to use for free internet access. Instead of providing a mobile router like FreedomPop, the NetZero prefers a CD based installation which is enough to let your PC connect to the free internet. But a small con of this service is that it will limit the internet access to 10 hours a month. Beyond the limit, you either have to stop using the internet or upgrade your plan to a better one. But still, it worths a try.

Change to a New Sim Card with Free Internet Offers

Even if not that much, there are still some Sim cards which provide free offers on internet. As it varies from country to country, it is not possible to provide the exact names of the Sim brands with such offers. You could either visit their outlet or a mobile operator to get information regarding such offers. If there is any, you could migrate from the old, unused Sim card to the new one. It will at least give you a few GBs of data for the next few months.

Use Proxy Servers

There are thousands of proxy servers all around the internet. You could just visit proxy sites to find out the methods to bypass the ISP restrictions to the internet connection. In addition to this normal usage, there are very few proxies which allow you to access the internet data for completely free. Your ISP will not be able to count your data usage while you are browsing through such proxy funnels. But, it is very difficult to find such working proxies which really works. If you have enough luck, you can find one.

We do not recommend the use of proxies as it is against the policies of several ISPs. It blocks the control of your ISPs over the connection and you are prone to several online attacks. So, use it on your own risk.

Use (For Facebook Users) is an initiation from the Facebook to provide free internet access to all the people all around the globe. While it is still expanding its coverage, some users are able to access free internet using the website. THis service only allows access to certain websites like Facebook. So, if you are a Facebook addict, it would help you to save a ton of data from your actual packet data.

So, these are the most popular and effective methods to connect to the interent or the web for completely free of cost. If you have any other working methods in your mind which we missed, do let us know about it.

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