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How to Delete Facebook Account

Facebook is the best social media website out there. You might have an account on Facebook which you are using to message your friends, send them photos, and stay updated with the society. However, sometimes you may need to delete Facebook account for some reasons. Doing so may be to delete the unwanted information from the Facebook or to start a new account with fresh photos and statuses. Deleting the Facebook account is very easy and will only take few seconds to do so. In this article, we are going to provide the complete steps to remove a Facebook account.

Deactivating and Deleting the Facebook accounts are two completely different things. Check out the below section to know more about it.

What is the difference between Deactivating and Deleting Facebook Accounts

Deactivating a Facebook account will not necessarily remove your info and content from the Facebook servers. It will remain as the same, but your account still will be deactivated. So, for a person who wants to completely remove all his/her photos, messages, videos and any other things posted on the Facebook wall, deactivating the FB profile is not the solution. A deactivated account can be reactivated at any time as per the user’s requirements.

Deleting a Facebook account will remove all the data in their account including the uploaded photos, videos, statuses and almost anything in their FB account. Deleting the FB account means completely deleting all the data, and they will no longer be stored on the Facebook servers. A deleted account couldn’t be restored. So, for a person who permanently wants to get rid of his Facebook account and all the information in it, deleting is the best option.

When you should Deactivate/Delete your Account

Deactivating or deleting your FB account is complete upto you. You should think twice before making any decision. But there are several situations when you should deactivate or delete your account. If you face these situations, you may go with the process.

  • When the FB account security is at risk: If you found that your Facebook account is under attack or someone else trying to steal your photos or important works, you may proceed with deactivating the Facebook account. After a few days, when the problems are solved, you may recover the account for continue using it.
  • When you don’t have anything to do with it: If you have multiple Facebook accounts and most of them are unused, we recommend removing the unused ones. As it will help you to stay organized with the important accounts, always remove the unwanted Facebook profiles.

Things to Know before Deactivating your FB Account

If you are the first time with the Facebook account delete process, you should have a look at the following things. It will help you to get a better idea about the process.

  • It may wipe all the data in your account: Removing the FB account may result in data loss. Especially if you are going with the permanent account deletion, you may lose all your data within a given amount of time. The process will not be reversible. When you temporarily deactivated your profile, there is nothing to worry about. You may restore the data when you need it.
  • It will remove all your friends: FB account deletion will also result in the removal of all your Facebook friends. Anyone in your friends list will be removed, and you may have to add them back in the new account. So, always make sure to create a list of people in your friend’s list before going to erase all FB data.
  • You will no longer be able to message your friends: Nevertheless to say that you will no longer be able to message your friends either from the Facebook app or the messenger. Because your FB profile is the credential to those apps and it should exist in order to continue using the service. Once you created a new account, you can reconnect those services and start using the Facebook messages again.

How to Deactivate a Facebook Account

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Click the account menu placed at the top right side of the page
  3. Click on Settings option.
  4. Select the Security tab on the left side
  5. Finally, choose Deactivate your account option. It may confirm the action, so follow the onscreen procedure carefully.

How to Delete a Facebook Account

Unlike deactivating, deleting the Facebook profile needs a completely different procedure. Just head over to this page account and click on the Delete My Account button. It will ask you for the confirmation with your password and other things for the security concern. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the account deletion process on Facebook. For the mobile devices also, doing the same from a browser will do the trick, or you can do it from the app.

It may take upto 14 days to permanently delete Facebook account. So be patient during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the Facebook delete account process. Having a look at them may help you to solve your doubts too.

How to delete Facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

I think it is not possible. I recently saw some website articles provided some tricks to bypass the 14-day processing period to delete FB accounts. But in our experience, it might take 14 days to complete the process. So you could either visit those websites and try the trick yourself or can simply give it the time it takes. Do as per your thoughts.

How to delete Facebook account without password

You will not be able to delete Facebook accounts without the credentials. You will need to confirm the action in order to continue the process. If you forgot your password, you could try recovering it.

Does Facebook automatically delete accounts

Facebook will never delete any accounts without the user confirmation. Even if it is spammy, Facebook will not automatically remove FB accounts (In most of the cases.)

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