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11 Best WiFi Apps for Android

Android is king no doubt, but it can be a really greedy one. There’s not much more frustrating than shelling out an arm and a leg to buy data, only to see your Android device speedily gobble it all up like an insatiable Kraken. All is not lost, however. Some of you are lucky enough to live near where public Wifi is as plentiful as seeds in an exotic but no less delish tropical fruit. What if we can provide you some cool Wifi apps to do some tricks with the Wifi? Wouldn’t it be great? If you are excited, continue reading.

Best Wifi Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

If you are among these lucky chaps the only other thing -apart from your device of course- you might need to rock these free public Wifi services are some premium Wifi apps. But which one? Not to worry as we did some research, consulted the oracle and even offered a few sacrifices. At last, it was revealed to us which were the best Wifi hotspot apps for Android. We know you must be pleased. So, come high-five us and rock them like a boss. Here are the best Wifi apps.

1. Wifi Map – Free Password

Unless you feel like wandering around with binoculars trying to decide if any groups of people you might discover are there for the free Wi-fi on offer, the downloading of the Wi-fi Maps app is a must. Why do you ask? For starters it’s free. Not to mention being available in a diverse array of countries. Voted No 1 so many times we have since lost count this is the top free Wifi app for Android to get. And did we mention how sublime it looks, feels and does its job. Got no password to access public Wifi? No problem. The app offers it to you on a gold-plated platter.

Wifi Map

2. Free Wifi Connect

Don’t you just love technology and the nifty apps it spews forth! Free Wifi Connect is one of such well-behaved progeny and does its bit to reduce your stress levels and prevents your ruining your freshly manicured nails by frantically tapping on the screen of your device as you search for a free network to connect to. Easy to set up and a peachy dream to use it puts everything related to free Wi-fi in the hands of the app and lets you live life to the full unencumbered by frivolities. And what’s more, it’s free as the air. It’s so good you should be thankful you don’t need to fork over half your kidney to pay for it!

Free Wifi Connect

3. Wifi WPS WPA Tester

It’s a secret all of us are prepared to take to the grave, but we all know accessing free, fast and furious Wifi can be as delicious as sucking on a cow’s teat. Unfortunately, the goodies our device can ingest when performing this activity can be poisoned with all manner of malware, viruses, ransomware and the gods know what else. Therefore, for confirmed public Wifi addicts like you make sure you download the WPA WPS Tester app to guard your back. Unfortunately, you need to root your device to suck up all the goodies it has to offer. If that is a no-no for you better prepare for Judgment day- for your device, not you personally!

Wifi WPS WPA Tester

4. Portable Wifi Hotspot

When you got data better not start playing the Grinch and hug it tight to yourself. Instead, freely share it with your friends and fam. One awesome way to do that would be through the Portable Wifi Hotspot app. It’s free, efficient, simple and well worth the sweet trouble of getting it. And once installed, launching it is simple, idiot-proof and makes you feel like a boss as your peeps drink up your data and leave you poorer. At least, it makes you feel like a royal personage dispensing favors, if only for a short while.

Portable Wifi Hotspot

5. Wifi Master Key by

Sorry to disappoint, but contrary to its name the app is not a golden master key you can use to hack into any Wifi. Rather, it gives you the ability to discover and connect to free Wifi hotspots around the globe. No passwords are needed for connection as it has already been shared by users and encrypted to prevent unauthorized use by say, Kim Jong Un. Supported around the globe, you can think of it as a half-brother to W-fi Maps. And with its master key, you don’t need to scrabble around begging for passwords at every Wi-fi hotspot you might be in.

Wifi Master Key

6. Wifi Connection Manager

Need a man-Friday to perform a lot of Wi-fi-related tasks you would be otherwise compelled to waste time doing? Then you came to the right appy place pal. Wifi Connection Manager saves you from all those bothersome, sweat-loving and head-scratching grunt work you often have to do to connect your device to the enduring wonders of the web. Free it is, efficient as well, possessing a long, long list of options and capable like a champ, it might well all you need to lug around in your mobile device. And is by far the best Wifi manager for Android you have the privilege of looking at.

Wifi Connection Manager

7. Wifi Password Hacker Prank

Wanna feel Anonymous without donning the trademark mask? Or feel up to showing your friends what a daredevil hacker able to break into anything you are? Look no further then because Wifi Password Hacker Prank got your back. At least till the police arrive to arrest you! The app is just the perfect thing for showing off and impressing your date. While it might be unable to crack even a soft-boiled egg, it’s quite a lot of fun.

Wifi Password Hacker Prank

8. Google Wifi

None can accuse Google of being unambitious. What with its far-sighted tech and devices that promise -and deliver- to change our lives forever. With a large amount of consumer tech out there, the Google Wifi router is just all you need to manage and control them from your device. It features endless connectivity options for managing and connecting to all manner of devices, and doles out data, passwords, and access to only those you wish to possess it. Capable of being put to varied uses, flexible and competent, it’s overall a really impressive piece and a rather delish Google Wifi app.

Google Wifi

9. Wifi Automatic

Need a well-behaved genie who will on its own turn on and turn off your Wi-fi only when you need it? Then Wifi Automatic is calling. It can additionally be set to turn itself on when you scoot over to certain locations. And is continually scanning for the sweetest Wifi on light-speed you can connect to for the most rad experiences. Open source, you can improve on it all by your lonesome if that strikes your fancy. Free, easy to use, and effective, it’s a must-have if you worship the Android god.

Wifi Automatic

10. Free Wifi Wiman

50 million people can’t be wrong, can they? That’s how many use Wiman. It involves the sharing of free Wi-fi among its users, without compromising their security or privacy. With over 60, 000 000 hotspots being available, Wiman apparently makes its users feel very much like winners. The app is free as a bird, which makes it all too easy to recommend. Particularly to folks like me very averse to spending hard cash in buying data plans. It also rocks an offline map showing where all the free Wi-fi spots are located. To manage what can be a head-breaking load it comes with a super Wi-fi manager. I don’t know about you, but we feel it’s time to Wiman wifast and reap the benefits!

Free Wifi Wiman

11. Wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer will show the available Wifi channels around you. Within the tap of a button, you will be able to get the complete details regarding the active Wifi internet connections on your device. The details such as the IP address, Mac address, Signal strength, Signal frequency can be easily found on the Wifi Analyzer application. The beautifully designed interface is capable of providing all the information you need regarding the Wifi connection. So, you may give it a try.

Download Wifi Analyzer

Getting access to the web can be rather a pain. Especially when you got no data. But, with the increasing availability of free Wi-fi, those days are thankfully coming to an end. By helping you change the world a click at a time Wifi can be a lifesaver. But only if you know the best free Wifi connections for Android to use for the ultimate experience. The best Wifi apps featured above are just what you need to rule the world and will definitely change your relationship with your device. Android rocks!

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