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Best Twitter Alternatives you should Try

At present, the world is divided into two camps- those who think that Twitter is the very best thing since chocolate ice cream. And others who for one reason or another simply can’t stand the sight, smell and look of this top social media maestro.

If you are in the first camp, we pray for more tweets to your elbow- or fingers. For those firmly in the latter camp since there’s no possibility of throttling the social media behemoth to death or using a tissue to wipe off its existence from the globe, the best you can do is join some Twitter alternatives.

Top Twitter Alternatives

These run the gamut from the crude to the bizarre and the masterful. Still, a few do a good enough job to make you forget all about the sumptuous goodies on offer on Twitter. Here they are:

1. Facebook

This is by far the best Twitter alternative to be found in the galaxy. Facebook sublimely connects you to the globe, removes all sorts of boundaries and geographical limitations and grows ever more delish as it’s continually upgraded.

Don’t want to tweet? Then Facebook should have all and more besides of what you need and is sure to leave you breathless at what it enables you and countless others to daily do. Also do have a look at the best FB alternatives.


2. GAB

A social network for those with the gift of the gab, GAB comes with a 300 character limit and can be compared to a kinder and easier to use the version of Twitter. With no ads to speak of and the ability to post and say virtually any controversial thing that comes to mind, GAB punches far above its class and is presently in a fight with the likes of Twitter for your favor and patronage.

Beloved by free speech advocates, rocking a flexible user experience that lets you set the exact type of content you want to expose yourself to and guaranteed to teach you a thing or two about the world, GAB is fab!


3. Tumblr

For charitable folks who share everything and anything about their lives, Tumblr is king. While it’s principally a pic, video, text, music, link, and a sharing site, it’s still a great place to connect, get exposed to different ways of life and has endless fun all days of the week. And yes, it can easily take the place of Twitter in your life. And the world.


4. Diaspora

Social media is awesome to the nth degree! Till the private info, you posted there gets manipulated and used to mess up your life. Enter Diaspora; think of it as a version of Facebook with more bulky and privacy-oriented muscles that lets you have fun without having to pay through the nose for it in future. Now properly coddled and guarded you can play with the social media lion without ending up in its belly.


5. Minds

Imagine a social media site where there’s no censorship and the muzzling of people who have an opinion different from the majority. And that also combines elements of YouTube and Facebook in a very slick, fun and immersive interface. That’s Minds.

Got something important to say? Need people to listen to it without judgment? Feel like sharing virtually anything under the globe save, say, President Trump’s tax returns? Then Minds will excellently serve. With a growing list of users, features, and content, Minds is well on its way up. And is an excellent alternative to Twitter for cerebral folks. And others wishing to expand their horizons.


6. Path

Still a relative minnow in an ocean full of savage hammerhead sharks, Path manages to distinguish itself. It has all the things you might expect a top social media site to. As well as a few that might get you wrinkling your brow in astonishment. Example, rather than having all the citizens of your country as friends, on Path this is limited to 150 only. Thus, in all probability, you will soon learn the names, likes, and dislikes and develop a more intimate sense of friendship with them all.

Looking and feeling like a spicy blend of Google + and Facebook, Path lets you find your own path and discover friends who might be ready to stand by you no matter what. Which should be the reason d’etre of social media. With friends like these who needs Twitter!


7. Plurk

For the best Twitter alternative, you don’t really have to look afar. Least not when Plurk is around. It comes with a 210 character limit, and nearly all else that Twitter uses to bewitch people with. Except in an all-new, funky and fab interface, sporting a group chat feature and instant messaging support.

Eat you heart out Twitter; you just got Plurked!


8. Mastodon

We assure you that this is one dinosaur you want to be enjoying life with. Open source as it is, it comes with endless user customization. With it you can send and receive private messages from a fellow user, send out private missives to your followers or say what you want to the public at large and damn the consequence.

When you want to thumb your nose at Twitter few social media sites let you do it so gloriously as does this open sourced Mastodon.



As you might have imagined from the name is a virtual copy of Twitter and you can do anything on it that you can do on its more popular relative. Thus, posts still get limited to 140 characters, you get to follow anyone and anything you might feel like and post timelines are there to be gawked at.

However, since it sports an open-source architecture be aware that most of its users are computer geeks, four-eyed programmers and other machine-fingered individuals who speak a language that’s all their own and that’s as understandable as the hissing of a cat. Which can make the site a little hard to use for ordinary folks.

Feel like tweeting without Twitter? Then, this identical twin is sure to have your back.


This is like another version of Tumblr that’s warmed up, spiced up and served in silverware. And it sure is delish. Like Tumblr users can post their heart’s desires with no limits. You can also re-post content from a long list of other blogs, and automatically post from other social media sites.

Facebook/Twitter slayer it ain’t, but it sure does provide a good alternative to either. And alternatives is what you are after, remember.

Which one is your Preferred Twitter Alternative?

Twitter rules, but it’s one dictator some are not pleased with. But with excellent alternatives to it, you can rock your world without feeling left out. So, explore the above list of the sites like Twitter, find those to your liking and utilize them to change the world a word/post at a time.

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