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Best SSL Certificate Providers

SSL certificate providers are everywhere. Which one to choose? Which is the best SSL certificate provider? If you don’t know the answer, here is a complete article for you.

We are listing the top 11 best SSL certificate providers. We sorted them based on the quality of the service they are providing. We excluded the pricing from our assessment because the SSL certificates are primarily for the security of the website from hackers and other kind of exploiters. But yes, we considered the pricing as a small scaling factor. Just told to avoid the confusion when you are seeing a less priced SSL certificate provider under a high priced one.

We selected the best secure SSL providers only. So, you will not have to doubt which one is to select from this list. All of them are trusted by millions of websites including huge e-commerce websites and blogs. We collected the info from numerous website reviews and user ratings. So, this list will be your final destination for selecting the best SSL certificate providers.

List of the Best SSL Certificate Providers

Before having a look at this list, you should know that we sorted these SSL providers based on the quality of their service. If you are a cheapness lover, you should consider some cheap SSL certificate resellers such as SSL2BUY. These services will provide you the same certificates with great discounts. For example, the Comodo Positive SSL which costs around $49.00 is provided by SSL2Buy for just $8.67! So, you should also consider buying SSL certificates from such cheap SSL certificate resellers.

1. Comodo

Comodo is the biggest name in the SSL industry. With numerous layers of protection on their certificates, Comodo serves millions of websites on the internet. Their certificate options include EV SSL, Wildcard SSL, Comodo SSL, and even a Free SSL (For 90 days.) The pricing looks is a bit heavier when compared to others on the list. But they provide extreme security to the websites. No information will be leaked out of the secure funnel. In the past years, no serious problems were reported in the Comodo SSL. So, you could easily trust their service.

Comodo SSL Features

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Fast issuance and validation
  • High Security and Trustworthy Guarantee
  • Easy installation
  • 2048 signatures / 256 bit encryption
  • Free Trust Logo boosts conversion
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
  • Up to $1,000,000 warranty

2. Symantec

Symantec is also a popular name in the SSL industry. With their security tools such as Norton, they already earned trust of the users. They provide different security levels for different types of websites. They include Secure Site, Secure Site with EV, Secure Site Pro, Secure Site Pro with EV, Secure Site Wildcard, Complete Website Security. Every plan offers the Norton security seal which is recognized by world famous brands as a security trust. But the Symantec SSL certificates are not coming cheap.

Symantec SSL Features

  • Proactive protection and total control
  • Norton Secured Seal
  • Symantec Seal-in Search
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • 24/7 Customer Support

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a big name in the domain industry. In the SSL also, they are not bad. The cheapness of the SSL certificates is the best thing that attracted us towards the GoDaddy SSL certificates. If you have just around $40, you can have a GoDaddy SSL for your website. Even if there is cheapness in the SSL certificates, the security of the website is not compromised. The SSL certificates are coming with the SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption which is the strongest on the market.

GoDaddy SSL Features

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption
  • Protects unlimited servers
  • Unlimited 24/7 security support
  • Boost Google search ranking
  • Unlimited free reissues
  • Up to $1M liability protection
  • Displays a Security Seal on your site
  • Compatible with all major browsers

4. GlobalSign

As the name itself implies, the GlobalSign is a global sign of the SSL certificates. There is a wide range of SSL certificate types on the website ranging from $200 and up. The pricing is not that cheap when comparing to the GoDaddy and few others on the list. But the quality of the certificates and extreme security measures taken by the company made it worth the price. The company also offers frequent security checks on the websites with their SSL installed. So, you do not have to pay extra money for the security purposes.

GlobalSign SSL Features

  • Strongest & Fastest SSL
  • Phishing Detection
  • Universal Device Support
  • Accredited Security Audits
  • Best in Class Support
  • Cost Saving & Convenience Feature

5. GeoTrust

GeoTrust is also a good name in this best SSL certificate providers list. There is a wide variety of security certificates including True BusinessID w/ EV, True BusinessID, True BusinessID Wildcard, UC/SAN, QuickSSL Premium, and QuickSSL Premium Wildcard. You could select the best one among them which suits your website. The faster installation process and the easiness in acquiring the SSL certificates made it the choice of numerous world famous brands.

GeoTrust SSL Features

  • Extended Validation and full organization validation
  • Trial available
  • Good security measures
  • Extreme Encryption
  • Fast approval process of the SSL certificate
  • Easy SSL renewal

6. Digicert

Digicert is also a considerable solution for applying SSL on your website. They provide valuable SSL certificates at an average rate. There are many SSL certificate options available on their website. You could easily select one among them as per your needs and the security level you want. As per the company, out of 3133 reviews, they got a rating of a fantastic 4.9. If they true their words, it is really a good idea to buy a Digicert SSL to apply on your lovely website for strengthening the security.

Digicert SSL Features

  • Strongest Encryption
  • Fast Certificate Issuance
  • Proven to Increase Conversions
  • 100% Browser Trusted
  • Unlimited Server License
  • SSL Certificate Expertise 24/7
  • Unlimited Free Reissues
  • Express CSR Generation and Certificate Installation
  • Green Bar Assurance

7. Startcom

If you want everything unlimited with your SSL certificate, the Startcom StartSSL is a good option. Starting from $199, you could enjoy various unlimited SSL certificates. In addition, they also do provide free SSL certificates for those who has no budget to spend on the security of their website. The security measures will be limited on the free SSL. However, if you do not have enough money to buy a premium SSL for your website, the StartSSL free is a good option to consider.

Startcom StartSSL Features

  • Free SSL certificate available
  • Easy certificate issuance
  • Unlimited SSL certificates
  • Easy installation
  • Green bar
  • Numerous choices of certificates

8. Entrust

Entrust is well known for the variety of SSL certificates it provides. It provides the SSL variations such as EV Multi-Domain SSL, Advantage SSL, Standard SSL, UC Multi-Domain SSL, Wildcard SSL, Private SSL, etc. The pricing starts from $122 which is almost affordable. The identity of the owner will be kept secret by providing the required information only. The strong security layer created by the Entrust is almost unbreakable by the hackers and spammers. This is also a good choice in this list of best SSL providers.

Entrust SSL Features

  • Malware protection
  • Site checks
  • Prevent online threats
  • Fast issuance
  • Accelerate website speed
  • Cutting-edge encryption
  • Gree bar

9. Trustwave

Trustwave is the last paid SSL certificate in this list. They provide fully validated SSL Certificates and Code Signing Certificates at an affordable rate. There are only three types of certificates which are Extended Validation SSL, Organization Validation SSL, and Wildcard SSL. If you don’t like any of the above-given SSL certificate providers, the Trustwave is also a good option to consider.

Trustwave SSL Features

  • World Class Expert Support
  • Free Trusted Commerce Site Seal
  • Full Certificate Warranties
  • Free Re-Issues For Life

10. Let’s Encrypt

The Let’s Encrypt is a Linux Foundation collaborative project aiming to provide free SSL certificates to the whole internet. Instead of spending a huge amount of money just to make the domain server through HTTPS, the Let’s Encrypt provides a revolutionary change. The sponsors of the Let’s Encrypt include the biggest names on the internet including Google, Mozilla, Shopify, Cisco, Facebook, etc. Almost all browsers identify the Let’s Encrypt SSL as a validated certificate. So, this one is the best choice if you don’t want to spend money on SSL certificates.

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Features

  • Completely Free of cost
  • Renewable for free
  • Big names in the Sponsors list
  • Recognized by most of the browsers as a valid certificate
  • Easy deployment with automatic SSH code
  • many hosting companies has automated tools to install Let’s Encrypt

11. Thawte

Last but not least, Thawte is one perfect provider of SSL certificates. With a wide range of SSL certificates for your personal website or the business usage, the Thawte has been serving the users for years. They also provide trial SSL certificates to the customers so that they can have a deep look into their features and security before buying it. They have a range of useful SSL guides to help users select the best SSL for their website. So, Thawte is also a considerable SSL solution.

Thawte SSL Features

  • Different SSL options
  • Affordable SSL certificates
  • Easy SSL renewals

That’s the list of top 11 best SSL certificate providers on the internet.

Which one of these SSL certificate provider companies will you choose?

Did you find the answer for your question? Got an excellent SSL brand to buy an SSL certificate? If yes, let us know which one you found useful in this list. It will help other readers to make a decision easily. If you already have any good/bad experience with any of these brands, let us know that too. You can also suggest any trusted SSL providers to add in this list.

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