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Top 10 Best Social Media Websites

Our lives are now ruled with a heavy hand by a god with many faces- social media. Coming in a variety of flavors, seasoning and aroma today’s social media has something for everyone, no matter how esoteric your taste or needs might be. Social media keeps us plugged into the pulse of the world and enables the sublime showing off of our lives for others to see, marvel at, and get green to the gills with envy.

Best Social Media Websites of All Time

With a ton and a half of social media out there it can be difficult choosing which to join. More, as they are always rising and falling in popularity, cool appeal, and features offered, you might join one only to find that it’s practically dead and waiting for its funeral.

Which is why we thought to compile this top 10 best social media websites list. It lists the best, the fab, and the marvelous top 10. Do have a look-see.

1. Facebook

This is the top social media site that effortlessly gives other social media sites a migraine on a good day and a heart attack on a bad day. Now with over two billion active users and with more than a billion that log in to the site daily, Facebook is to put it simply the social media site to beat, the top dog, numero uno and big boss.

Addictive, informative, matchless in entertainment, the sky is really no limit for this supreme social media site account.


2. Twitter

Most of us barely knew what it was like to get a-twittering over everything and anything. Now look at us; we’re presently Twitter experts and stare unblinkingly at the site for the latest breaking news, status updates, and all-round entertainment.

With a 140-word limit, Twitter has forced us to say what we need in as few words as possible. Hence, many attributes to it the revival of wit, the art of the most savage put-downs and the thankful decline of pompous verbosity. Constantly being re-developed and improved it gives the likes of Facebook a very stiff competition. And has a special place in our hearts and social media lives. If you are interested in Tweets, create an account now.


3. WhatsApp

Absolutely the best and most popular instant messaging platform on this green earth, WhatsApp has proven its capability of starting and fomenting revolutions, helping its users make history and allowing us to befriend almost the entire population of the world.

Indeed, so popular is it that wars might in future be conceivably fought over it and we suspect that it will be the medium aliens will use to communicate with us when they begin their coming invasion of the planet. Till that happens, feel free to rock what must be one of the very best social media sites ever.


4. LinkedIn

For professionals looking to connect with other professionals, the only way to go is to get LinkedIn. It offers the opportunity of meeting similar minded people from all over the globe. Looking for work? Then primp up your profile, and you well might get your dream job on the site. Or take the opportunity to freely advertise your or your company’s services, activities and lots more.

Call it Facebook for business people, and when astutely handled it does the job of feeding your career rocket fuel that rockets it to the top.


5. Google +

The folks behind Google have been one very busy bee. Tried as they might, they failed to launch a social media service users would not be inclined to lob rotten eggs at. Not one to give up they launched Google + in 2011. Derided as a patchwork of the most successful social media in existence, it failed to properly take off.

Till they went above and beyond the call of duty to totally revamp it in 2015. Now sporting some proper muscles, fit, fun and rocking myriads of now rabid supporters, it’s one of the best social media sites on the planet. And a sublime place to meet, mingle, jingle and talk your teeth off.


6. YouTube

No list of the most popular social media sites can ever be complete without this media behemoth. Magnificent, engrossing, immense, you can easily spend all of this year glued to it and not manage to even come close to exhausting the matchless goodies and riches it has to offer.

With the most diverse collection of media content under the sun, countless more being added daily, and a growing cast of users from every geographical location, YouTube generously dispenses loads of YouFun and keeps you grinning like a cow chewing cloves. So, create an account on YouTube today itself.


7. Instagram

With the coming of the mobile phone and other personal computing devices, an hour cannot safely pass without our taking a ton and half of the pictures. Both of our pretty mug and of anything else that comes to mind. For the picture fanatics, Instagram is a perfect paradise where they get to post countless pics showing them doing countless things. Or doing nothing much except looking fab.

Available on a multiplicity of platforms and run by the guys behind Facebook, Instagram lets you tell of your fairy tale life in pictures and short videos. And helps keep our envy spirit alive and well fed.


8. Pinterest

This is a quite delicious combo of a search engine and a social media that delights with its use of execution and overall sublime look. The action is based on pinboards where you and others get to pin up all sorts of images that appeals to the taste for people to view, comment and lose their minds over.

Think of it as the slightly less capable version of Instagram.


9. Tumblr

With a user demographic heavily comprised of teens and young adults, Tumblr is an ”in” social media site for those with a passion for blogging. Featuring customizable content, the most incisive blog posts, the ability to like and comment on the post of others and much more else, it readily keeps the creative juices fluid and flowing.


10. Snapchat

It sure would be difficult finding any other best social networking site with the popularity of Snapchat, especially among the youth. It’s all about sending messages or video to friends, which disappears after they’ve seen it. This assures secrecy and confidentiality as you don’t have to remember to delete potentially embarrassing sent or received messages.

Easy to use, mobile-focused, and offering what few other social media sites can, Snapchat looks set to grow ever more popular. And will within a few years claw its way to the top and be crowned king of the social media scene.


Social media sites presently keep the world rolling smoothly like a buttered toast in the mouth. Coming in a bewildering array of varieties they can be overwhelming at first. Till you read this our top 10 review that is and get acquainted with the most indispensable.

Kindly check out the above-listed sites one by one, and then come back and tell us how mightily they rocked your world and gave your life an all new meaning, joy and purpose.

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