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10 Best Mac Games

Do you like Macs? No, not a cheesy type with all the cholesterol-hogging trimmings layered on. Am talking rather of pioneer Steve Jobs’ lil baby all grown up, bravely stepping toe-to-toe with and lobbing an Apple at the almighty Windows OS. Mac OS-enabled devices do offer outstanding security, simplicity, and ease of use. But they sacrifice that by being relatively neglected when it’s time to release all the apps and games that would otherwise make our everyday lives pretty much not worth living.

Those apps and Mac games that do make it for release are still numerous and varied enough for endless leisure and entertainment. But, helping you sift through the chaff and sinking your teeth into the real meat is what we are here to do. Thank us later. In the meantime here are what we stake our rep on as being the most magnificent games currently rocking the MacOS world.

List of the Best Mac Games

We handpicked these items from thousands of available games for the Mac systems. They are better one another in one or other aspect. Everyone may not enjoy all of these games because of their diversity in the genre and gameplay. Few of them maybe an FPS type or in some other kind. Anyhow, we are sure that you will find at least few of your favorites in this best Mac games list.

1. Doom 3

A science fiction insanely gory FPS from the stables of id Software and published by Activision, Doom 3 definitely does not disappoint in scaring you half out of your mind and leaving you prematurely grey-haired. While additionally enabling you to creatively dispatch all manner of monsters back to the hell from which they came. Sporting exceptional graphics, lots of exotic and customizable weaponry and slick presentation, it wastes no time shooting it’s way into your heart. While leaving you trembling yet eager for some more of its heavy-handed magic.

2. Star Wars – Knights of the old Republic

The Star Wars universe rendered on your Mac in glorious detail! Oh dear, color me awed!! Developed by Bioware and published by Lucas Arts this is one game that blazes its way into your consciousness effortlessly and with light saber precision. Game-wise, expect to be very well taken care of with an obsessively-detailed storyline, heart-pounding action, perfectly perfect graphics and enough excitement to make a galactic cruiser dance a jig with glee. Sure it might be rather dated, but it’s still capable of rendering one hell of a stomping good fun. Are you with the force or against it? Get with the program and find out!

3. Firewatch for Mac

A mystery adventure game from the camp of Campo Santos, Firewatch sets you on fire with heart-jabbing suspense and excitement. As a lookout in the Shoshonne National forest you are dragged into all manner of adventures and have mysteries aplenty to unravel. With a delightfully rendered open world to explore and get in trouble in, immensely immersive gameplay and a storyline and NPC characters that never permits boredom to come within a redwood distance of you, Firewatch is indeed one must-play fiery game.

4. Xcom 2

Developed by Firaxis games and published by 2K games, XCOM 2 is set some two decades after the events in XCOM Enemy Unknown. A turn-based tactics video game, it’s up to you and you only to defeat the aliens holding earth hostage and save humanity who are tottering right on the brink of extinction. Are you up to the task? If so, get ready to be blown away.

5. Sleeping Dogs

Developed by United Front games and published by Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs is one open world action adventure that ferociously barks for approval and gets it in spades. As an undercover cop in enchanting if crime-riddled Hong Kong, it’s up to you to take the fight to the Triads and bring them to justice. Along the way, you get to crack more than a few heads and break uncountable bones with your fists and all manner of improvised weaponry. And with an astoundingly realistic graphical environment, you get put right in the thick of the action to do what do know best. This is one of the best ever Mac games.

6. Heroes of the Storm

Developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm assembles some pretty familiar heroes from other successful Blizzard franchises into one MOBA that punches you into sweet oblivion. The action is overwhelmingly frenetic and team based and offers the rare opportunity of all team members equally showering themselves with glory and collectively becoming heroes. With an irresistible collection of characters, awesome graphics and Oscar-worthy voice acting HOTS blow you right away. Part of its massive charm is that it’s free to play. If you got dough though there are lots of extra characters, exotic skins, and mounts waiting for you. If not there is still an obscene amount of fun to be had by all. Be a hero and storm to victory!

7. Rocket League

Developed and published by Psyonix, Rocket League combines elements of soccer and old fashioned demolition derbies. Rather than humans cars of all types play the beautiful game, swim in the action and get the out-sized balls into the net. Sporting potato-crisp visuals, addictively amazing gameplay and cars that get up to all manner tricks and trouble on the pitch, the game speedily rockets you to an unbelievable pitch of excitement. And with support for multiplayer matches feel free to go crazy. On the pitch that is.

8. Civilization V for Macintosh OS

Developed by Firaxis Games and published by the irrepressible duo of 2K Games and Aspyr, Civilization V elevates the turn-based strategy genre into something of a sublime art. Apart from also infusing a desperately needed transfusion of innovation, blood, guts and cunning into the genre. Lucky you is the ruler of all that you wish, and you get to wage wars, send diplomats on missions and pretty much do what nations do to advance their interests. And with a LAN multiplayer mode, you can bring friends right into the fun like any properly civilized individual.

9. Myst

An adventure puzzle game made by Cyan Inc and published by Broderbund Myst forces you to solve puzzles in your quest to find explanations for why things are the way they are. With a totally interactive world expect your game actions to determine the ending. Sporting an open world environment and enough puzzles to keep your brain creaking along for a long while, Myst is a very lovable classic that excellently delivers the goods.

10. Portal 2

A first-person puzzle-platform Portal 2 is a product of Valve Corporation. And a wonderfully put together piece of art as well. Leveraging on the original Portal game, this sequel exponentially increases the fun, excitement, and adventure to be had. Oft funny, sometimes scary, endlessly entertaining and wildly enchanting, this is not a game to be missed for any reason.


MacOS devices might be relatively unrepresented in the gaming community. But that doesn’t mean Mac owners shouldn’t have fun. If you got a mac say cheese and start playing one among the top 10 games for the Mac.


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