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10 Best Linux Games to Play

What are the best games for the Linux OS? And how does gaming on the Linux OS feel? And we ask the questions with all the proper gravity and in all seriousness. After all, the answer just might decide the fate of this galaxy. Sure, the Linux OS might be deemed “uncool” by some, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have all the fun in the world with one if you know what you are doing and where to look for.

In case you don’t, we have graciously compiled this top 10 best Linux games the stuff endless daydreams filled to the brimful with love, laughter, and wild excitement are made of. Got a Linux and want to rock it? Well, we got the games to make that happen.

List of the Best Games for Linux

We handpicked these games from numerous resources online and tested them ourselves on the Linux computers. These excellent Linux games list is sorted based on numerous factors such as the graphics, easiness to play, and the gameplay features. Ready to play a game on the Linux? Well, here goes.

1. Team Fortress 2

Don’t mind it’s cartoonish effect, take it from me this is one seriously fun and immensely addictive game that securely locks you up in a fortress of happiness and fun. Developed and published by Valve Corporation, this is a team-based FPS hard-core entertaining shooter that involves team-based combat over varied and suitably exotic locations. Sporting nine character classes with their own unique weaponry and odd mannerisms to pick and choose from, a variety of game modes and gameplay and visuals that take no prisoners, Team Fortress 2 pushes the boundaries of the amount of fun times the doctor thinks is good for your heart. And with loads of new content being constantly ladled on, expect to be quickly taken prisoner!

2. Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor

An open-world action role-playing game from Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros Interactive, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor puts you right in the terrifying world of Tolkien’s unique masterpiece. As Talion you try to get the better of The Dark Lord Sauron who has cursed you with death. Rather than die through some clever magicking, you roam the plains and wilds fighting demons and other frightful enemies in a quest to avenge your beloved.

With a magically open world, intensely-gruelling combat, epic boss battles, opportunities to ride upon monsters and do Parkour tricks, excellently intelligent and reactive AI, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor doth murder sleep. Additionally, layers on the Tolkien magic and world with a wonderfully steady and generous hand.

3. Dying Light

An open world survival horror Dying Light does a proper job of scaring you out of your skin; think of The Walking Dead on steroids. Produced by Techland and published by Warner Bros Interactive, it has you roaming around a city filled with all manner of undead who think you look just like a satisfying meal of buttered toast and tea. In the day you can play around. But at night beware cos the undead roam unchecked, filled with power and looking to find out if you taste as good as you look. To fight them you will make do with your Parkour skills and weapons you scavenge.

With slick combat dynamics, dreadfully scary graphics, sound that well might send you to an early grave from fear and difficulty levels hard enough to crack walnut, you are assured of a swell of a time. As long as you aren’t too scared to remember to have fun that is.

4. Saints Row – Gat out of Hell

An open world action adventure made by the duo of Volition Games and High Voltage Software and published by Deep Silver, there is nothing in the least saintly about Saint’s Row. Instead, as the lead protagonist, you get dropped into hell to teach dear old Satan a thing or two in a quest to rescue a friend. To get around hell, you fly around, and can summon demon minions to your aid. While your weaponry gets based on the seven deadly sins and are sinfully deadly enough to any enemies who venture too closely.

Should you go on to defeat the evilest boss ever, Satan you will get presented with a choice that might well decide the fate of humanity. It might be called Saint’s row, but expect the game to be properly hellish.

5. Football Manager 2016

Ever imagined you might well be the next Jose Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson? Well, here’s your chance to find out and earn all the right awards. As well as the massive respect of your players and the adoring public. Developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega, Football Manager 2016 is a sports simulation game that solidly builds on all the successes of its predecessors to deliver outstanding realism and excellent performance. As well as the flexibility and customization necessary for the beautiful game. With Football Manager 2016 you can do more, play more and be more.

6. Metro Last Light

A single player post-apocalyptic shoot-em-up, Metro Last Light comes from the well-stocked stables of 4A Games and was published by Deep Silver. As Artyom, a Ranger, you are forced to survive in Moscow’s Metro after an all-out nuclear war that wiped out nearly all humanity and leaves the earth filled with ultra-savage humans and grotesquely mutated monsters.

With an atmosphere to kill for, spine-chilling graphics and sound, frenetically frenzied combat and immensely immersive gameplay, Metro Last Light shoots straight from the hip, leaves you shaken to your core and gifts nightmares aplenty to the unprepared. Sporting weapon customization aplenty, varied foes to dispatch, an open world for your horrified exploration and a stealth mode for sneaking up to or away from danger, this is one wonderful game that tears you up with its goodness.

7. Civilization V

From the noble loins of Firaxis games Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game that follows the rest of the series and enables you to make history like those who have gone before you. As a leader, you get to lead your nation to either victory or failure, diplomacy or war and prosperity or decline. Sporting an all-new game engine, improved combat physics, and a multiplayer mode, Civilization V gives you the welcome chance to carve your own path. And the opportunity of painting your world with the brush of your own special brand of destiny.

8. Counter Strike – Global Offensive

A multiplayer FPS developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and published by Valve Corporation, Counter Strike Global offensive has you and your team shooting your way to your objectives. At the expense of course of the other team. Offering a simple yet uttering engrossing way to spend countless hours glued to your computer, it’s one of the best FPS out there that delivers a really solid punch to the guts while leaving your trigger finger blistered. Go on the offensive with your team and counter the opposing team’s strike!

9. Xcom – Enemy Unknown

A turn-based tactical game from the excellent store of Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games, XCOM has you helping defend the earth from an alien invasion. Show enough initiative, resourcefulness and focus and humanity might well be saved. Slack off, and the fate of the earth is too terrible to be thought about for long.

With an addictive gameplay, intensely insane difficulty levels, smashing replayability value and an amazingly intelligent and reactive AI, XCOM leaves you trembling at the possibilities, amazed at the level of detailed execution and eager to give your last breath to rid the earth of aliens who seek our extermination.

10. Borderlands 2

An action role-playing FPS from Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games, Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the original game and as excellent as they come. Like the first game, you are let loose on the planet Pandora to complete your given missions and cause havoc. You get to pick from four player classes, with each having its own unique abilities and personalities.

Sporting a decidedly insane multiplayer mode, varieties of fanciful if deadly and functional weaponry, character customization and the opportunity for upgrades, Borderlands 2 leaves you all hot and bordered. And eager enough to come back and re-taste its sweet goodness.


Forget their street rep and flaunt your Linux system like a boss. While lacking the appeal of more mainstream systems they still provide an outstandingly unique experience and more than enough games to keep you dancing away like a possessed dervish. Linux anyone? Rock it and make it move.

The games like Voxelands and Witcher 3 Linux also deserves a place in this best games for Linux list. We excluded them just because of the limitations. So, let us know if you have any more games to add to this list.


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