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10 of the Best iTunes Alternatives

All in all, Apple iTunes is one hell of a well-packaged choice piece of rich software. One of the most popular media players and organizer around it does look great, generally works great and keeps you moving to the groove all day long. But it can be something of a mean troublemaker; particularly as it tries to do too much at once with too little. Presently, the iTunes interface seems to be getting more complicated at the same time our brain cells are sadly shrinking.

More, it has acquired a horrible rep for crashing, especially on Windows PC’s and devices. Therefore, it would be wise getting another media player to soothe your inner beast for those days iTunes decides to let you down massively. Look below and get a lovely eyeful of what we think are the worthy successors to iTunes on your computing or media device.

1. MusicBee

A real, live Jack-of-all-trades, MusicBee does a lot of things and does them excellently. Sporting an extremely customizable look and interface, you can get it to perform pretty much any magic in the book. Rocking frequent updates, usability across a diverse range of platforms, the ability to rip CD’s, Groove Music support and smooth/speedy execution, MusicBee soon gets your blood pumping and your feet beating out crazy rhythms!

2. MediaMonkey

For many, MediaMonkey is their NO1 iTunes replacement and rightly so. Extremely efficient at organizing large media libraries, customizable to your esoteric tastes, and effortlessly able to sync your music to your iOS devices, it sure does pour on the charm. However, it’s worth remembering that its most outstanding features are not free. While you won’t be forced to sell off your liver to get one, that’s still an itchy irritation. Especially considering that many of its rivals offer nearly the same features gratis.

3. Foobar2000

For the most extreme customization options nothing beats Foobar2000. Beloved by audiophiles for the ear-orgasms often achievable by carefully tweaking it to individual tastes, Foobar2000 is incredibly awesome and incredibly amazing. Downloading it is the easy part. After that, it’s all yours to play and tune with absolutely no limits. Its more or less like building your very own media player with no one looking over your shoulder to tell you whether or not this or that should be permitted. For music that sounds and looks just like you, only Foobar2000 will do.

4. TomHawk

Talk about efficiency and Tomahawk takes the cake! This media player offers the option of connecting to a really long list of social media sites, so you can let anyone and everyone know just what music is piped into your ears. And should you wish to listen to any song on the planet, no one has ever heard of, be assured that Tomahawk will unearth that track for you even if they have to dig the equivalent of the Grand Canyon all over again. Coming with support for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux, Tomahawk is really, really varied and a really effective hatchet at its job. Therefore, it’s well deserving of a spot as one of the best iTunes alternative on the planet.

5. Ecoute

Unlike other resources-hogging media players, Ecoute comes dainty as a high-born lady and is as charming in execution. It offers a fresh, unique look and even goes as far as to import your iTunes library on its own for your optimum convenience. As a bonus, it also supports Facebook,, and your Twitter accounts. Therefore, the entire universe will have no trouble seeing just what sweet stuff is currently blasting your ears. Ecoute also has an iOS app, which gives you more than enough excuse to finally boot out iTunes from your device. Overall, it’s a real peachy alternative to iTunes for music libraries and well worth paying a listening ear to.

6. Doubletwist

It might be a little basic, but this is one uber-efficient and effective media player that does the job with little fuss. There’s a free and a paid version. The former offers more than enough beats to get down to. The latter on the other hand piles on features like a heavy-handed cook at a birthday party. The software is available for Android, Mac and iOS users and allows you to sync all these devices over a Wifi connection. Sublime in action, this might well be one of the top Mac alternatives to iTunes worth breaking bones break-dancing over!

7. Syncios

As you might have guessed from the name, SynciOS is a media player for devices that exist in the Apple universe. Features-rich, it features two-way data transfer from and to your iPhone, iPad and iPod and Windows PC. You can also perform backups and sync anything sync-worthy to your heart’s content. It has an easy enough interface and manages your media like a bank manager who can do no wrong. And did we mention how free it is?

8. Fidelia

Are you an audiophile who refuse to settle for anything but the best? Then Fidelia is your knight in shining armor. Fidelia is all about the best possible quality, class, and professionalism. And of course strives to make your media content sound sinfully sweet and we swear near orgasmic. The visuals too are top notch with an accurate wavelength visualization that might mean nothing to us heathens, but probably look like porn to audiophiles. Lots of top quality music formats are supported, including the beastliest- FLAC. As you can see the folks at Fidelia take their music pretty seriously. So should you; as long as you can cough up $20.

9. Vox

This is one of the best alternatives to iTunes you can find. It’s not just a pretty face after all as it consistently delivers the highest possible sound fidelity. It’s also integrated like a Siamese twin to SoundCloud and Lastfm. And best of all, if you are embarking on a journey to, say, Mars at any time in the future, you can store your entire music library in the cloud with no loss of quality for around $5 monthly. Available on both Mac and iOS, Vox sets you back around $19.99. Which is a little hefty, but worth it if you care about music like you have long been boasting of.

10. Wondershare TunesGo

For an all-rounder that punches well above its considerable weight class TunesG0 is a rather wondrous choice. Unlike many of its peers, this media player tries more than most to dispense with iTunes altogether. And with it, you can even copy files from your mobile device to your PC. Colorful, capable and magnificent in action TunesG0 soon has you dancing a victory jig as you delete your iTunes and throw a wake-keep for it!

While iTunes is still the leading media player, its faults are showing up with ever greater clarity. Which is inevitably leads many to seek for the best alternatives to iTunes to be had. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it makes available what we consider to be among the best media players that give iTunes a good fight for the privilege of squatting pretty in your mobile device or PC. Some are great, others excellent; pick out the ones your ears are itching to experience and come tell us all about it.

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