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10 Best ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in the World

The internet really is a wonderful piece of magic. This nifty feature has since been a staple diet of our daily lives without which we would be totally unable to function. Vital as it is it’s quite a pity that internet availability, speed and access to it remains spotty worldwide. However, some companies around the globe are trying to address this and line their pockets while they are thus busily engaged.

Best Internet Service Providers

Ambitious, far-sighted and possessing the patience to see their long-term vision through they are really shaking up the world and enabling uninterrupted access to your beloved social media sites. These ISPs are:

1. Verizon Fios

This is the boss worldwide and boasts near light-fast internet connections via fiber-optic cables to most parts of the world. As well as data delivery through modern phone lines. Apart from being speedier than a souped-up drag racer, their service is additionally rock-solid and as reliable as the coming of the seasons. Additionally, no matter your pocket depth you are sure to be catered to as their plans are incredibly flexible and capable of being put to use by people and companies of all kinds. More, as most of their services are delivered by fiber optic cables, you are better protected from the constantly increasing risks of hackers looking to play hooky with your life. Thus, the Verizon Fios is one of the top ISPs money and mind can get.

2. Time Warner Cable

If you are lucky enough to be in the countries covered by Time Warner Cable you get to enjoy rich goodies like internet speeds of up to 50Mbps, efficient services, along with a capable and free internet security service, firewall and antivirus to help ensure hackers and other ill-natured people do not take over your life. This is accomplished through an innovative hybrid fiber coaxial cable network. Overall, this is one of the top ISPs you need in your life. If you have a pretty decent Wifi router and the Time Warner, you are in heaven.

3. Comcast Xfinity

A premium home internet provider, Comcast is well known for the provision of fast internet and other ancillary services. Its internet connectivity is invariably reliable, efficient and helps zips you along through life at a maximum speed of 105Mpbs. More, the company is not a believer in resting on its oars and is continually looking and enforcing ways to radically improve its services and performance in all areas. Which helps make it one of the very best ISP’s in the whole wide world. And well worth shelling out for.

4. Cox

One of the oldest ISPs in existence Cox offers very flexible internet options to cater for needs and differing pocket depths. More, unlike most other ISPs that promise heaven and earth and consistently woefully fail to deliver the company actually puts its mouth where the money is. Consequently, it’s rather much more loved among data consumers. Internet speed ranges from 5Mbps to 150Mbps. And along with your subscription, you are gifted a host of praetorian guards to protect you from the world.

5. Century Link

Arguably the largest ISP in the world, Century Link is intent to prove its size has not made it stupid and useless as well. Depending on where you live and the weight of your bank account you can expect download speeds up to a positively eye-watering 1Gbps. Their plans are very easy to use, and there are lots of tutorials available for those who require assistance in setting up. Additionally, they are involved in the provision of low-cost, high-speed internet services to poor families around the globe. With such a heavily burnished social responsibility cred, they are favorites of many. And easily one of the best internet provider for gaming-related activities there is.

6. AT&T

Among the top ISP providers, AT&T stands tall and proud. Possessing gazillion miles of phone lines it thought of an excellent way of putting them to use by offering all manner of dial-up services. While they might not be as fast as its competitors, they do provide excellent services and fab customer care. Apart from these the company also sports a fiber optic cable service that offers high-speed net access for those in need of it. With such flexibility, your search for quality internet services that don’t cost an arm is at an end.

7. Suddenlink

If you are in need of speedy downloading, be it games or 4K video you might do well to consider Sudden Link. With an astounding download speed of 150Mbps, the company is not to be sneezed at and provides excellent value for money. Along with really cuddly customer care features. It also rocks a number of free and eminently useful TV apps, and a website called Suddenlink2GO that allows you to access a list of excellent video and TV for free. Any wonder then it always shows up in the list of the top internet service providers any day.

8. Frontier

Occasionally let down by spotty services and garnering bad press from shoddy customer care, Frontier still manages to maintain its lead as one of the top ISPs to beat. More, the eagerness the company is showing in a bid to improve both its services and customer satisfaction is commendable. An up-and-comer, Frontier might well soon take over from the more established ISP’s. When that day comes, come here and give thanks, cos we saw its possibilities first.

9. Charter

With its emphasis on home internet services, Charter is poised to sweep you off your feet with its consistent services and above-average customer care. Along with these, it offers the usual security suite of network protection, and parental controls so your kids don’t get all cross-eyed looking and poking into where they are not supposed to. Efficient, effective and impressive it’s well worth considering.

10. Cable One

Small but definitely mighty, Cable One punches far above its weight class and staggers you with how good it can be. It offers a trio of high-speed access plans, each of which is excellent for taking care of your needs and capable of being used in a wide variety of ways. While customer service can be so-so, overall this is one rather excellent ISP well worth taking a good long look at.

The internet is the lifeblood of the human race. To access it you usually need an internet service provider. ISPs are a dime a dozen and with all the horror stories about them floating around this article should come in handy should you feel like say, traveling the world. Or deciding to upgrade your life.

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