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11 Best Google Alternatives

Can life as we know it survive without Google lurking somewhere in the universe? We think not. At present, Google is a seemingly endlessly-tentacled octopus, with its fingers busily poking in every part of our digital life. Google’s software and hardware rule the globe and our souls so well we might well be its slaves. Now, it might be time to fight back. To motivate you kindly dwell on the oft-proved assertion that the internet colossus often manipulates search results to favor its objectives. And that it’s more or less unrepentant pushing unwanted ads on us and keeping a goggle-eyed and beady look on whatever we might be up to online.

Best Sites Like Google

Now that you are properly whipped up with indignation it’s time to explore other alternatives to Google that don’t involve living in a cave for the rest of your life. Any worthy Google rivals out there? Let’s find out folks. Here are the best Google alternatives.

1. Bing

This is the next biggest search engine site after Google. Propped up by Microsoft to give Google a sleepless nights or two, Bing comes with a constantly changing background that’s really thrilling and ensures you get an eyeful on a lot of different things, people, environments, animals and the like from day to day. For its heavy artillery Bing rocks sport scores, flight tracking, translate, operating calculations, spell checks and a list of other equally nifty features. Effortlessly integrating with Facebook and Apple devices and possessing its own mobile application Bing is clearly the main threat to Google and a very worthwhile Google search engine alternative.

2. DuckDuckGo

If you are worried about your privacy DuckDuckGo is there to quickly peck away such concerns. Since it cannot track your behavior and hence manipulate search results for its own end, DuckDuckGo is heavily recommended and is one of the best Google rivals out there. With an ever growing fan base, a voice search feature and sporting an open source code that just keeps getting better, this is one delish duck that’s well on its way up.

3. Yandex

The number one search engine in the Russian Federation Yandex daily handles nearly 200 million questions on all subjects under the sun. Available in a plethora of languages, it provides additional services and features like videos, Mail, Maps, a browser, etc. in a take-no-prisoners battle to top what Google offers. It hurts us to say this but this Russkie search engine does quite well should you wish to replace Google in your life without sacrificing features and effectiveness you have long been used to.

4. WolframAlpha

Made famous as a site for maths-inclined nerds Wolfram Alpha is thankfully more than that. It’s also a quite good search engine that collects data from lots of reputable institutions with unpronounceable acronyms and esoteric mission purposes. Easy to use, on its home screen you get sample queries Wolfram would be more than happy to dive in and assist you with. Which all makes for marvelous convenience and effectiveness, and not just for nerdy eggheads.

5. ixquick

If you are still worried over Google privacy issues and the Duck above simply won’t do, then welcome to ixquick. On this search site, absolutely none of your personal details, cookies, queries and other privacy-hating things are stockpiled and sold off to the highest bidder. However, for more accurate searching there are preferences which are optional and the contents of which get thrown in the garbage every 90 or so days. At present, ixquick is supported in over 17 languages and growing so fast we could almost swear Google must be jabbering in panic.

6. Quora

While Google Search is pace-setting, there is only so much it can do. Enter Quora, an online search community where you can ask users anything and everything on virtually any subject. Wanna know the best place to eat a burger in New York? Or how to dance a waltz blindfolded? Just ask away, and you will get all manner of replies; some serious, others mercilessly ribbing. As you can guess, this goes a long way to guarantee accuracy, relevancy, and effectiveness as users give you their opinions on the issues that interest them. Move over Google, Quora is about to take over!

7. dogpile

This is one ultra-cute search engine that goes woof-woof, shoves Google away and snuggles right next to your heart before you know what’s happening. While it might look like a kindergarten kid put it all together as a school project, the site is actually top notch. It collects and cleans up search results from other heavyweight search engines and presents it to you. But not without first rigorously scrubbing it free of ads and other irritable junk.

8. Gibiru

As you know most search results are curated/censored for one reason or another. This can be frustrating, not to mention bothersome. On Gibiru the issue doesn’t happen as it displays all the search results it can. More, with its Anonymous proxy search engine, you are assured of the maximum confidentiality and anonymity as you go about your business on the web. For a more thorough research and general enlightenment on all aspects of humanity, Gibiru ranks really high and rightly so.

9. Vimeo

Hope you know that your swearing off Google means giving up one of its biggest mega stars- the one and only YouTube. That’s a prospect that can drive some to suicide. Till you discover some wonderful alternatives to the media juggernaut. One of the more outstanding is Vimeo. With no ads, countless and constantly updated media, and much better privacy than Google and its ilk can provide, Vimeo ensures life continues undisturbed as you seek to wear out your eyes watching all the movies ever made. Order some more popcorn, fam! Who needs YouTube!

10. Giphy

This is the premier site for GIFs- those viral and absurdly cute/funny videos that last a millisecond or so and that you love dashing off to friends and fam. With GIF’s for every occasion and every moment, life couldn’t be sweeter. The site is well designed, colorful and enchanting. So, searching for the perfect GIF-worthy moment is suddenly not a bothersome chore anymore.

11. Internet Archive

Internet archive is not a normal search engine which shows the latest and real-time data. Instead, it is a web wiki which has almost of the internet history stored and accessible anytime. Once a website gets crawled by the Internet archive bot, it stores the exact copy of the page for the future reference. It is not only for a single time, but it crawls the same page several times to store any changes to the website. If you are interested in knowing how it works, just visit the website and search for some popular websites past designs.

For the Google-weary alternatives abound. Some bizarre, others awesome and more than a few laughable. Pick out the ones dear to your eyes and make life dance to your own sweet tune. Alternatively, read this article on when is Google’s birthday.

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