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10 Best Facebook Alternatives

Any talk about social media sites without mentioning the greatest of them all- Facebook has long been deemed a crime punishable with all manner of horrible tortures. From its August inception eons ago, in 2006 to be precise, Facebook has transformed every part of our lives and the society and helps make history every day. However, like all good things it can be occasionally hard to stomach. Things like how it totally controls what you post on your profile, be it pictures or videos, and the recent News Feed fiasco and the like can get you red-eyed at Mark and eager to thrash him when next you meet him.

List of the Best Alternative Sites Like Facebook

Additionally, sometimes Facebook account can be too overwhelming and we can long for something new, fresh and intriguing. When that happens, it simply means you are experiencing a Facebook overdose. Which can be cured only by taking a peek at other Facebook-wannabe social media sites eager to gain a piece of your mind and soul. Here they come.

1. Instagram

This is probably the best Facebook alternative there is. Made famous by celebrities posting heart-pounding pictures of themselves on the site, Instagram is a worthy FB alternative and can be even used to post Facebook updates. On the site, you get to post videos, pictures and send and receive texts from all manner of admirers. If you got a really fine bod and well knew how to pose and shoot professional quality content, be assured followers will soon flock around you on the site and make you the next big thing since apple pie.


2. Twitter

Who hasn’t tweeted once in his/her lifetime? Fabulously popular, Twitter gives Facebook a good run for its money and is invariably near the top of the list of the best social media sites like Facebook. Easy to use, uber-powerful, and long rumored to be addictive, Twitter has led to a less verbose, more encompassing and wonderfully enchanting society.


3. LinkedIn

This has long been a popular social media site for professionals out to reap every sliver of benefits from their profession. On LinkedIn, you can be current on the news in business and industry, find employment, hobnob with other professionals, tell them all manner of tall tales, and even interview and employ suitably qualified individuals. Not to mention being able to share and receive ideas, opinions and informed views on the industry and business related matters. When you are LinkedIn you are on the way up, so says the common wisdom.


4. Reddit

Reddit is all about education and entertainment. It’s a public forum where you can post and comment on anything under the sun. Users can also share images, videos, stories and virtually anything else they wish. Featuring an immense, active and dynamic community Reddit is a very creative, endlessly enchanting and a really animated social media platform for all age groups.


5. DeviantArt

For artists and art lovers, nirvana is right here on earth courtesy of DeviantArt. By far the largest online art site for near two decades, it has over 34 million members from over 190 countries. And with an eye-popping 300 million plus original works of art that run the gamut from 3D to anime you are spoilt silly for choice and can conceivably browse the goodies on offer all year without going through more than a third of it. Sporting art performed with different techniques, artists aplenty and an engrossing content, Deviant Art sure sounds nice- if you love art like I love my ice cream that is.



For movie lovers, IMDB tops us all. Before you break out the popcorn and sack out on the coach to watch your fav movies and series you would do well to visit it. IMDB generally provides excellent reviews on lots of today’s featured content. The reviews are performed by site members. More, you can also become a critic by logging in and rating any movie of your choice. For discussions of your favorite series and movies just go to the message board and yak away with other equally fascinated watchers. And with the IMDBPro, you can connect with artistic performers whose work you love. J.Lo here I come!


7. Untappd

This is a social media site for people who really enjoy their beer. If you are a sud-fanatic you can use Untappd to write reviews on all the different brands of beers you drowned in during that your epic bachelor party. Or to see what your friends and fam are drinking. You can also use the site to do bar check-ins and reviews. Who knew beer drinking could taste so sweet!


8. RallyPoint

Nope, it’s not a rally racing social media site. RallyPoint is the premium online gathering club for both past and present military service members and their families. On the site discussions on topics like the military policy, strategy and tactics, to weaponry, life after the military, how to deal with PTSD and much more besides rage on day and night. It also has an Android and iOS app and connects to other social media sites you can use to dig out military friends you might have lost contact with. Attenhut!


9. Nextdoor

How can you know all there is to know about your friends on the other side of the world, and yet you have barely met your neighbors? Lucky for you Nextdoor sets out to correct this widespread anomaly of our age. The site connects people living in specific geographical locations and enables them to discuss issues that affect them. It sports a classified section, enables comments and feedback on posts and is never lacking in controversy. Which makes it one fab neighborly fun.



If you are one of those who delights in keeping a delicate finger on the pulse of the world, then is just the thing for you. Here, you get them fresh from the horse’s mouth, uncluttered and un-tweaked by Mark and co. So, be a dear and unfollow those untrustworthy news media accounts cluttering your Facebook page and instead add them to your account. Mark Zuckerberg might get mad, but that’s not our business. shut down after 5 years of hardly trying to beat other social media giants on this list. It was such a good service which made us list it here.

While Facebook is undoubtedly the greatest social media site in existence, it can occasionally be hard to take. Which is just why other social media sites were created. These are numerous, varied and nearly as excellent. And promise and deliver generally excellent riches. Why not try discovering these for yourself and better rock your world to the hilt.

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