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Best 404 Pages Ever

404 error is something very annoying. But, how would it be if you got a nice 404 page when you visit a web page which actually doesn’t exist? In this article, we are going to list such best 404 pages which will make you visit them again and again.

404 is an HTTP status code to notify the users that there are no resources available at the requested location. However, the websites listed below made it to the next level by tweaking 404 page in their own way. You will never blame the website owners for not showing the content you wanted, instead, you will praise them for their creativity in changing the 404 error page. Without explaining too much, let’s directly have a look at the best 404 pages ever created.

Top 404 Error Pages in Websites

These 404 error page templates are completely different from what we know about a normal 404 page. Some beginners may find difficulty in realizing that it is an error page. Also remember that this is just our opinion which may vary from yours. So, if you really think any other 404 error page not found should be included in this list, let us know about that.

1. South West Trains

The South West Trains 404 page is just creative. The 404 error is clearly represented on the web page drawn using the tracks. Some trees are placed randomly in between the tracks. The most creative thing about this page is the moving train which will go through the track randomly. For a train website, I don’t think it is possible to represent the 404 error page more creative than this one. The developers and the designers of this page really worthy of a few claps.


2. Hilary Clinton

Hilary Clinton, one of the most influenced people in the United States has a website of her own. When you reach some non-existing page on the Hilary Clinton’s website, you can see her swiping a card several times but the door is not opening. The 404 page is well designed saying that “Trying to get where you want to go? This page isn’t it. There is no 404 signal on this hilarious 404 page, but it clearly states that there is no content available on the provided URL in a funny manner.


3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s 404 error page worthy to be included in this list of the best 404 error pages ever. Like the previous one, the Bloomberg also represented their 404 page using a GIF where a man sees the 404 page and drops the PC out of the desk due to frustration. It is clearly a creative way to represent a 404 error page. In addition, they clearly stated the error code at the bottom and says “Unfortunately, the page does not exist. Please check your URL or return to the Home Page.”


4. Hot Dot Production

Hot Dot Production’s 404 error page is something creative manipulated using the Javascript and CSS. The mouse is your weapon and moving it on the 404 will result in a catchy, yet impressive movement of the bubbles. It remembers me the first Javascript program that I learned. It looks very cool while the flipping animation continues as we move the cursor to any corner of the web page. If you haven’t visited this cool 404 page, do it now. Don’t forget to try clicking on the 404 text.


5. Lego 404 page

Lego’s 404 page is very simple where a Lego stands with a disconnected wire. Under it, the page says “Sorry, we can’t find that page! It might be an old link or maybe it moved.” There is nothing special to notice on this page but they implemented it in a way that it suits the site and the whole idea. The Legos on the background is also attracting our eyes at the first look itself.


6. Bluegg

Blueegg has a quite exciting 404 page with a text saying “Not to worry. You can either head back to our homepage, or sit there and listen to a goat scream like a human.” Like thy said, there is a Youtube video which showing a goat screaming. Even if it doesn’t make sense for a 404 page, it is a quite nice way to enjoy the error. The web page also shows a 404 error message text “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This page doesn’t exist” to avoid any confusions.


7. Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios

This is one of my favorite 404 pages. With the design of a train platform or a railway station, the developers nicely designed the 404 page of the Daniel Karcher Film Design Studios.  The boards on the railway station are tagged with their brand names. Clicking on the board at the top center position will bring you to the homepage of the website. The most interesting fact about this 404 error page is that the train will start its journey after a few seconds. You could see it if you spent a few seconds on the 404 page of the website without navigating.


8. MailChimp

MailChimp, the email service also has a catchy 404 error page. It shows an error “This isn’t the thing you’re looking for. We can’t find /404/. Please use the navigation above or search here.” with a funny, but scary background looks like a GIF. The green alien-like creature looks funny but scary at the same time. Moving smoke on the background gives a fresh look to the page.


9. Audiko creative 404 page

There are no animations of this 404 page design. But the catchy image is what makes it unique. A colorful set of pictures which looks like combined together randomly makes the page even beautiful. You can see a telephone booth, a truck with the 404 board, a detective, a clock, and a lot of random stuff. Above all that, the message box is placed saying “That page doesn’t exist!” alongside a search box.


10. GitHub

Github comes with a simple 404 page without anything super-exciting. All you can see there is a cute cat with hoodies and some random sculptures in the background. The error 404 message saying “This is not the web page you are looking for” is also very catchy. If you should get something interesting on this Github 404 page, just move your mouse on the picture. You will see the magic.


11. CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks proved that it isn’t all about some advanced coding or error page template bootstrap. They implemented the not found error on their website in the form of a white paper torn out that the code below it is visible. As you can see, there is nothing else on the 404 page apart from this. This is one of the cleanest 404 pages ever. If you are a CSS lover, you should have a visit there.


12. Hakim El Hattab

With an error message saying “We’re sorry, but the page you’re looking for can’t be found”, the Hakim El Hattab’s 404 page is a collection of eyes! Yes, there will be one big eye at the center and the siblings will join it once you move your mouse around the black section. It is quite scary if you are browsing at the middle of the night. However, the whole idea behind this scary 404 page is that there is nothing to find out on the web page that you are tried to access.


13. Cloud Sigma funny 404 error page

The best part of the Cloudsigma 404 page is the message saying “Oh no, you’ve found our junior developer’s homepage! Despite sleeping on the couch most of the day, our junior web developer still finds time to do some coding…” They are also provided a button to reach their homepage for browsing their entire website. A cat that looks to the computer screen is placed as the background of the text. Overall, it is a better 404 page than having just some errors.


14. Tin Sanity

“You Just Got 404’d.” This is the message you get on the Tin Sanity 404 error web page. The gray background really matches the text and a moving cup with a straw GIF. The cup changes its size everytime it passes through and to be honest, it looks a little weird. The web design team should have added a little more fun to the page. If you are interested in seeing very weird 404 pages, this should be on your go-to list.


15. Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has a good looking 404 page which says you broke something. The broken glasses on the web page really gives it a nice look. The menu bar itself fell out of the socket and stays with a slope. It was the first time I saw a menu bar stays like that. All the links on the menu are clickable and nothing is changed except the layout of the 404 page. The Blizzard Entertainment really did a great job in designing their 404 page.


16. Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner has a hilarious 404 error page which saying “404’d!! Boy, you sure are stupid. Were you, just making up names of files or what? I mean, I’ve seen some pretend file names in my day. But come on! It’s like you’re not even trying. I’m closing, go away.” After reading this, you will surely get an idea about what they mean. If you need a 404 joke, this might be the one.


17. OrangeCoat cool 404 page

With a creative 404 error page, the OrangeCoar really nailed it. The 404 page is designed in such a way that you can navigate through the diagram by asking the questions yourself. They are virtually providing assistance to the visitors who reached an empty area of their website. As the final solution, the last box says that “Contact us and we’ll try and fix this.” So, have a look at that cool 404 page.


18. Bitly

For those who likes to play with waves, the Bitly URL shortener website has an exciting 404 page. A half sunk fat fish will be there on the page. But the magic happens when you move the cursor up and down vertically over the water. You will see that the action generating waves on the page. It also shows an error saying “Uh oh, Bitly couldn’t find a link for the Bitly URL you clicked.”


19. BrandCrowd

BrandCrowd implemented one of the clever 404 pages on their website. When you reach a 404 page on their website, you will see an image where someone is working on the 404 really hard. I think, it is the Photoshop. At the left side, there is a message “Don’t freak out, everything is going to be a OK.” There is another image on the right side which is kinda weird.


20. Cooklet

The custom 404 error page on the Cooklet website is just brilliant. The website is all about cooking and related stuff. So, what is better than showing an empty plate and saying “Oh no! There’s not much left here for you.” on their 404 page? The guy who suggested this idea really deserves a salute. Don’t get angry foodies, open your fridge, you will have something to eat.


These are the best 404 error pages ever. We know, you still have something else to add to this list. Let us know about them. If we find it suitable, we will do that.
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